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Meijer cuts iPad 2 price to $429 for February

updated 11:25 pm EST, Sun February 12, 2012

Meijer hints at 2012 refresh with price cuts

Large US retailer Meijer has instituted an unusually steep discount on the iPad 2 that may be a further sign of clearing iPad 2 stock ahead of a refresh. All versions of the tablet sold at the store are on sale and start off with sharp price cuts even on the entry 16GB Wi-Fi model, which is down $70 to $429. The deal lasts until February 25, or nearly the rest of the month.

The iPad sale isn't the only Apple-related sale, as it's giving away $15 iTunes cards with 8GB iPod touch players and cutting the price on iPad 2 Smart Covers slightly, to $35. Only the iPad discount is so deep, however, and it runs lower than the Black Friday discounts offered by Apple itself.

While stores have occasionally been known to run sales of this sort purely to draw store traffic, even if it means taking a loss on the price, the cut is arriving just as it's thought Apple might have an iPad 3 event in early March. Meijer may suspect, though not know, that a refresh is coming and could be trying to clear stock of the iPad 2 when it's easier to sell. [via AppleInsider]

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  1. charlituna

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    Not so sure it's a sign of anything

    Last I checked Meijer wasn't an authorized reseller and if so then what they are doing isn't a sign of anything more than they believe the rumors and don't want to be stuck with their stock.

  1. chas_m



    Still ...

    the lack of stock at authorized resellers plus this "dumping" if you will do sort of point to the idea that they won't continue the iPad 2 after the new one debuts.

  1. Inkling

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    The iPad 2's Price after March

    This hints that retailers either know or sense that Apple will keep at least one model of the iPad 2 on the market at a reduced price after the iPad 3 is released. They're making sure they're not caught with hard-to-sell inventory. That's particularly true for unauthorized dealers, who can't return their excess inventory to Apple.

    Apple needs to protect its low-end from competition that now includes a deep-pocketed Amazon. But I'm not sure that cutting the price to $400 will be enough, particular if the model has its storage constrained to 16Gb., as some rumors claim.

    I can easily imagine people looking at the iPad 2 at $400 and the low-end iPad 3 at $500. First, they decide that they like the higher resolution screen of the iPad 3 since it is only $100 more. The iPad 2 is now out of contention.Then they decide that, spending that much money, they need at least 32 Gb of storage, which bumps the iPad 3's cost up to at least $600, Then many of them panic and decide they can't afford $600, so they buy a Kindle Fire at one third that price.That's a safe purchase. By not making the continued iPad 2 a good enough deal in comparison to the iPad 3, Apple has lost a sale to Amazon.

    Of course, an iPad 2 price closer to $350 will eliminate buyer confusion between the iPad 2 and iPad 3. That's likely to be the perceived difference in value and in marketing/sales, perception is everything.

    There's a good chance that Apple will keep an iPad 2 on the market for around $350. From the first iPad on, Apple has shown a refreshing tendency to price the product at less than the pundits were expecting. In the tablet market, Apple clearly wants to compete on price as well as features. I hope that trend continues. I'm thinking of getting an iPad 2 myself come March.

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