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SumOfUs to protest Apple shareholder meeting

updated 11:10 am EST, Thu February 23, 2012

Activist group continues 'ethical iPhone' theme

Activist organization SumOfUs is planning to protest supplier working conditions at Apple's annual shareholder meeting, being held today at the company's Cupertino headquarters, according to a press release. Demonstrators will rally outside of the event, while inside, two different actions are planned. SumOfUs says it will first deliver petitions demanding an "ethical iPhone;" during the event's Q&A session, the group says it will ask Apple CEO Tim Cook to end labor abuses in its supply chain.

The petitions total over 300,000 signatures, divided between 90,000 collected by SumOfUs, 200,000 from, and 30,000 from SumOfUs calls the Fair Labor Association inspections a form of "whitewashing," and is demanding that Apple let "truly independent" NGOs inspect the factories of suppliers like Foxconn. SumOfUs accuses the FLA of being "funded and controlled by the corporations they're supposed to monitor."

Another activist group, the Hong Kong-based Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, recently accused Foxconn of deliberately concealing the use of underage workers. The company has also been accused of offenses like paying minimal wages, demanding excessive amounts of overtime, and maintaining questionable safety.

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  1. facebook_Craig

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    can we create a petition to have these people creating petitions to focus the energy on companies not actually attempting to improve the lives of those in their supply chains? we already know things aren't as bad at the factories as many of these "activists" suggest they are, but apple is working to further improve conditions, which is more than can be said about several other technology behemoths. let's put some focus on them, shall we? petition the petitioners!

  1. DrSkywalker

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2011


    SumOfUs, sponsored by...

    your friends at Micro$soft and G00gle...

  1. ferdchet

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    Joined: Feb 2011



    Thanks Craig - yeah, why aren't these people protesting MSFT, Motorola, Dell, HP, and others? Like most of these so-called "activist groups" it's just another lame attempt at astroturfing.

  1. hayesk

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    Joined: Sep 1999


    Uhm... how about FoxConn

    Why don't these guys go right to the source - and protest FoxConn?

  1. SockRolid

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    Pay up or else

    Re: SumOfUs accuses the FLA of being "funded and controlled by the corporations they're supposed to monitor."

    Agree. The FLA charges businesses $250k to join their association or else. Sounds like extortion to me.

    And, I might ask, how much do we Westerners really think we can change China's business culture? Does SumOfUs really think they can crowd source the Chinese government and population into changing?

  1. BigMac2

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    Joined: Dec 2000


    Media stunt

    They got their 1 minute of fames, now they can go back into obscurity.

  1. snagglepuss

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    Joined: Feb 2011


    Who they are...

  1. mhikl

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    comment title

    Apple increasing wages and instituting better working conditions and labour rights, now that is news, not a handful of uninformed protesters. I’m all in favour of human rights and protest. I’m also in favour of balance and Apple does seem to be doing a fair job at improving the situation, especially in contrast to other western companies in China.

    The nation of China has the gravest responsibility in these matters. It is doubtful that any nation has ever come out of poverty on anything other than the backs of it poorest people and that is where the problem in China lies today and at Chinese embassies is where the protests should be made.

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