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Samsung denies Galaxy S III in April, hints closer to June

updated 11:55 am EST, Mon March 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III gets late spring intro

Samsung has denied a rumor that its headlining phone for the year, thought by most to be the Galaxy S III, would ship in April. In Korean, it said only that that the April launch was "not true." It wanted customers to wait for an official release date, suggesting that the phone would arrive late in practice.

Clarifying its situation, the company issued a statement hours later to The Verge. It now planned for an unveiling in the first half of 2012, "closer to commercial availability." With April ruled out, it left just May and June for unveilings. The CTIA's spring event is in May and may be a candidate for any US-centric launches.

Its schedule would both reflect an attempt by Samsung to get its product schedules under control as well as rumors that it passed on Mobile World Congress for the Galaxy S III to cater to the US. Similar to companies such as Dell, Samsung until this year had developed a reputation for announcing products several months before they were ready to ship, draining them of their momentum and letting rivals know what to expect. American launches of Galaxy S phones have regularly come several months after their European counterparts and have seen Apple continue to outsell Samsung, even after launching on more carriers and with heavy ad campaigns.

The delay past April, when the Galaxy S II arrived a year ago, may have technical roots as well. It could be to accommodate a dual-core 2GHz Exynos chip due to arrive in the spring or a so far largely unacknowledged quad-core edition.

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  1. facebook_Sam

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    I wish people would stop speculating on this. It's gonna make Samsung think consumers actually give a sh*t when they release their iPhone ripoffs.

  1. global.philosopher

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    I am sure there will be several Samsung handsets in the interim...Galaxy SII Plus, Galaxy SII 1/2, Galaxy SII 4.65-1, Galaxy SII Note, Galaxy SII Note Plus 4.65-1....and so on.

  1. Arne_Saknussemm

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    Consumers will never confuse an iPhone...

    with anything from Samsung.

    The iPhone's screen is wayyyyy too tiny.

    Unless, the iPhone 5 finally upgrades the screen to something in line with current multimedia uses and trends.

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