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New iPad rumored using Senseg haptic feedback technology

updated 09:30 am EST, Wed March 7, 2012

Company refuses to confirm or deny feature

The new iPad being announced later today could have haptic feedback, Pocket-lint sources claim. Apple has allegedly been in talks with a Finnish company, Senseg, the creators of a technology called E-Sense. Unlike normal haptic feedback methods, the one Apple is reportedly using would put an electrical pulse behind every pixel, adding "texture" to onscreen objects.

Senseg is neither confirming or denying plans. "We won't be making any statements until after Apple's announcement," one spokesman says. The company's technical marketing manager, Petri Jekonen, yesterday told The Guardian "That would be for Apple to say. My comment is no comment." Senior VP Ville Mäkinen has previously told Trusted Reviews that Senseg is "currently working with a certain tablet maker based in Cupertino."

Haptic feedback could explain wording in Apple's invite for the iPad announcement: "We have something you really have to see. And touch." While the "see" is thought to refer to the new tablet's ultra-sharp display, no special meaning has usually been attributed to "touch."

By Electronista Staff
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  1. trifusion

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    Confirmed on Website? shows an iOS logo!

  1. Inkling

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    Joined: Jul 2006


    How it works?

    I read the links, but I'm left wondering how it tricks our fingers into feeling texture on smooth glass. Maybe that is a trade secret. We'll see in a few hours if it's part of the iPad 3/HD.

    I'm not into games, but it would be great to have buttons that feel like buttons and even give a sense of being depressed. That'd also help make the on-screen keyboard feel a bit more 'real.'

  1. Inkling

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    How it works? Answered

    Answering my own question, Senseg itself explains how it works:

    "Senseg patented solution creates a sophisticated sensation of touch using Coloumb’s force, the principle of attraction between electrical charges. By passing an ultra-low electrical current into the insulated electrode, Senseg’s Tixel™, the proprietary charge driver can create a small attractive force to finger skin. By modulating this attractive force a variety of sensations can be generated, from textured surfaces and edges to vibrations and more."

    It's something that can be added to an existing touch screen:

    "The Tixel is the means by which Senseg’s technology transmits electro-vibration stimulus. It is an ultra-thin durable coating on the touch interface that outputs tactile effects. Senseg’s patented Tixel can be applied to almost any surface, flat or curved, hard or soft, transparent or opaque. Because there are no moving parts in Senseg’s solution it can scale to almost any size of device. Moreover, with no mechanical inertia Senseg tactile response is immediate."

    Interesting. But it's almost too great a leap to believe it's happening here and now.

  1. pairof9s

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    Good heavens, Apple...

    I hope you just hired 15 more lawyers! Because you just know there's going to be companies saying they patented this technology 10 years ago, have the trademark rights to the word "haptic", and Google/Motorola will announce their new & revolutionary product next week using haptic touch.


  1. bectonchaos

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    This Should Do Wonders For

    battery life!

  1. jpellino

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    Joined: Oct 1999


    The invite did say...

    *and touch*... cool!

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