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New iPad tips: 1GB of RAM, Sprint snubbed for now

updated 11:20 pm EST, Wed March 7, 2012

iPad hits new RAM peak but out of Sprint

More details have emerged surrounding the hardware of the 2012 iPad update. Possibly confirming rumors, a new tip has pointed to the new iPad carrying 1GB of RAM. While The Verge couldn't provide separate evidence, it corroborated pre-launch clues.

The tip would be supported by pure logistics. At 2048x1536, the iPad both needs a larger frame buffer for the screen as well as more space for high-resolution art assets. It's not known if the new quad-core graphics have their own dedicated video memory or share from the system RAM.

More substantively, Sprint has confirmed that it's currently out of the chain for cellular-aware iPads. Representative Mark Elliot briefed FierceWireless that it had "nothing to announce at this time."

The lack of a Sprint deal is more likely to come out of technical necessity than a policy choice. AT&T and Verizon both use the 700MHz band, and AT&T also uses 2,100MHz, but Sprint is expected to use its existing 800MHz band and soon 1,900MHz for its own LTE network. Modern LTE chipsets are limited in the number of frequencies they can support, making it difficult for Apple to produce a third model that would only support one carrier.

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  1. avaughs

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    Joined: Sep 2004


    no sprint iPhone 5

    If Sprint's LTE service is going to require 800 and/or 1900 MHz, don't expect an LTE equipped iPhone 5 to be available on the Sprint network. Will Sprint become the T-Mobile of the LTE world?

  1. ronmiller88

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    Indirect confirmation at the Apple Event

    There was indirect confirmation at the Apple event today of there being more memory in the new iPad. I believe the developer from Epic said that the new iPad had more memory than a PS3 or an Xbox which both have 512MB of RAM. He didn't say that there would be 1GB, but if there is more than 512MB, it has most likely been doubled to 1GB.

  1. ggore

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    No big deal

    Sprint is actually reducing the size of their coverage, switching to covering only major cities and areas immediately along interstates, so this plus the fact they don't have any LTE service as yet is no big surprise. Apple wants their products available to all potential customers. There is no LTE within 100 miles of my location in my midwestern state, and probably won't be for years and years, so that won't be a factor for me either.

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