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Nielsen: 66% of homes with Nintendo, Sony handhelds have iOS

updated 03:55 pm EST, Fri March 9, 2012

Nielsen shows Apple infiltrating gaming

New Nielsen data has shown that cross-platform gaming is seeing heavy inroads, including from Apple. About 24 percent of US homes used at least two gaming platforms, but diversity was especially high among those who had a traditional handheld. In homes where a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP was was used by a child under 12, 66 percent also had some kind of iOS device.

About 58 percent of American homes had at least one platform, although ownership was dictated sometimes by roles outside of gaming. 93 percent of households Nielsen could track had a computer, even if it's less likely that they would be playing games. Dedicated consoles still had the most consistent presence through the Wii (38 percent), Xbox 360 (26 percent), and the PS3 (18 percent).

Basic cellphones were still more ubiquitous at 54 percent. Android had more of a footprint than the iPhone by itself, at 28 percent to 22 percent, but was rapidly overshadowed when including the iPod touch (also 22 percent) and the iPad (15 percent). Only a small amount of overlap existed: combined, 39 percent of all homes had at least one iOS device, outpacing any one console or mobile platform.

The ownership didn't necessarily show how much gaming was taking place. It did support earlier studies showing that Android and iOS were cutting into Nintendo and Sony revenue as some gamers either bought from more than one platform or from an Apple or Google platform.

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  1. Makosuke

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    So that means if we're talking about US households that there are still about 34 PSP owners who don't have an iOS device.

    And no, I didn't leave out "% of."

  1. drupa99

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    Will we EVER get Quake?

    We will we EVER get a QUAKE I port for IOS, wasn't this promised YEARS AGO? Can SOMEOBODY somewhere work on whatever major technological hurdle exists to getting this on iOS? I'm not talking abouy Quake II. III. IV - XL - just good old fashioned QUAKE I!

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