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Android store chief resigns amid inside troubles

updated 09:40 pm EST, Sat March 10, 2012

Google Play Store sees exec shuffle

Google's transition to the Google Play store has also seen a management shakeup that could be a sign of taking its Android app market more seriously. The store's lead, Eric Chu, was said by TechCrunch to have stepped down. Jamie Rosenberg, Android's digital content lead and key Google Music persona, would take his place.

Chu would be looking for another position within Google.

The position change might signal an improvement in the store, primarily through management, sources for the site divulged. Product Manager David Conway had about as much power as Chu, leading to overlap and uncertain management. It's implied Rosenberg might bring a clearer source of authority.

Rosenberg might also spark a renewed interest in the Google Play Store itself. Mobile VP Andy Rubin reportedly focuses too heavily on device activations and revenue from Google search ads, considering the success of the Google Play Store a secondary concern. Apps are considered a key factor behind the success of platforms like iOS, but a lack of resources may have left the Android team struggling to get as much attention.

Apple's App Store is estimated to generate about six times as much revenue as the Google Play Store, at least partly out of getting the attention and resources to encourage paid apps.

By Electronista Staff


  1. Paul Huang

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    of cards

  1. Bobfozz

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    Apple Had It Right

    Jobs & Co. thought long and hard about putting the iTunes business together (along with tough negotiating) and the Apps . Store. Google makes it look like they tried to do it on the fly. They copied other stuff from Apple but on this one, a total mishmash... and look what happened. Google TOUTS the genius IQs that work there but the Genius Bar was Apple's idea and the real genius at Apple, the visionaries and their engineers are far superior to what Google puts out. The Apple "experience" is worth soooo much more. They still don't get it. Trying to extrapolate "search" into everything else. If that is success then I will never get it right!

  1. JuanGuapo

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  1. global.philosopher

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    How can a management change spark a renewed interest in the store. Do people honestly think people decide to go to a store based on the ultimate person in charge.

  1. dashiel

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    So the guy who was in charge of the service recently reported as “not living up to expectations” and “losing customers daily” is the guy who’s going to turn around Marketplace?

  1. SockRolid

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    Not to worry, Eric

    I'm sure Amazon would be happy to poach you from Google. I heard their Kindle Fire "padlet" is selling pretty well. And it runs a customized, proprietary, closed version of Android 2.3, so there would be no learning curve for you.

    Oh, but I'm forgetting Samsung. They'll probably fork their own version of Android as well. It will help them further crush all other Android handset makers. Give them a bigger advantage, since they could actually optimize their Android fork for their own hardware. Eric - dude, hold out for a big paycheck from Samsung. It will probably happen this year.

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