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Purported Samsung Galaxy S III shot shows Apple patent issue

updated 01:30 pm EDT, Sat March 17, 2012

Galaxy S III would steer away from Apple design

A posting in Reddit's Android section has shown what's purportedly the Galaxy S III. The render shows a thinner design, adding a dedicated camera button to the side, and with a 16:9 display. Its most conspicuous change may be trim: it has the same 'lips' as the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2, designed to avoid the accusations of copying Apple that have led to lawsuits.

The design doesn't appear to be just a re-edit of the Wi-Fi 4.2; it has a different front camera layout in a different location. While it could be edited, that and the edge-to-edge bezel are distinct.

Software on the phone would appear to be the Android 4.0 plus TouchWiz combo rolling out to Galaxy S II owners, which is very familiar on the surface aside from telltale signs in the status bar. It would have five icons at the bottom like the Galaxy Note, although the narrower frame would give it space like the similarly five-icon Galaxy Nexus.

Details on the home screen and around the page would possibly give clues as to the release. A mention of a "Galaxy S III Unpacked" event on May 22 would show Samsung unveiling the phone just at the start of the CTIA spring show in New Orleans. Samsung is known to have delayed the third-generation phone to time it closer to the US release as it tries to unseat Apple. The page may be a leaked presentation slide to prepare for the release: a bottom-right logo for Weber Shandwick Worldwide shows one of the companies known to provide press relations for Samsung in some countries.

While possibly fake, the imagery is consistent enough and plausible enough to be the strongest candidate so far.

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  1. Mechanic

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    comment title

    Thats perfectly ok that it has the design changes that apple won in its lawsuit in germany. That makes it look different which in the end is why apple is suing to gain product differentiation.
    That way you can look at a galaxy sIII and say thats a samsung and look at an iPhone and say thats an iPhone because they look different and that is what apple wants.

  1. SockRolid

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    See how easy that was?

    Samsung: just make your devices ugly. Apple won't sue you.

  1. doodle_bro

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    This won't stop Apple.

    "Oh, it is shaped like a rectangle? Let's sue."
    They issue patents for the dumbest things in the US.
    I've not once ever confused an Apple product and a Samsung product. Apple is just being a d***, not that Samsung doesn't do the same.

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