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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 video leaks, talks GPU boosting

updated 08:20 pm EDT, Wed March 21, 2012

GeForce GTX 680 features spoiled in official clip

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 680 was spoiled in large fashion after a promo video was leaked (below) online. Product Marketing VP Ujesh Desai claims both that the GTX 680 is the fastest graphics card in the world along with introducing multiple new features. One, GPU Boost, would allow for dynamic overclocking: games and other 3D apps that underuse certain parts of the graphics could see their performance improve with higher frequencies.

Its performance should be fast enough to handle four displays with one card, in addition to supporting three-display 3D Vision Surround like some newer GeForce components.

Also introduced is TXAA antialiasing, which purportedly smooths out visuals without the usual performance hit of other methods. PhysX would now allow for dynamic fracturing, or splintering an object into pieces based on the exact impact rather than a predetermined route. Hair and fur rendering would get much more advanced by calculating as many as 100,000 hairs at once, getting much closer to real life when few objects are on the screen.

Earlier tips had the GTX 680 using a much more efficient 28-nanometer manufacturing process that would give it a core clock speed of 1,006MHz, increasing to 1,058MHz when GPU Boost is active. Even with three times as many visual processing cores than the 580, at 1,536 versus 512, it would still use less power at peak than its ancestor.

The video points to an imminent announcement. NVIDIA has been trending towards 'hard' launches where products are available as soon as the hardware is made public, and it's likely to have both board manufacturers as well as computer builders ready to go almost immediately. Companies like Apple are expected to support at least the newer GeForce 600 series, although a board like the GTX 680 would be reserved for the Mac Pro due to power limits. [via The Verge]

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  1. macnnoel

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    How ironic... Producing the most powerful graphics cards for games optimized to run on consoles.

  1. Arne_Saknussemm

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    Well actually,

    the most powerful graphics cards from Nvidia belong to the Quadro line. But of course these will not run on antiquated Mac Pros.

  1. facebook_Sabrina

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    Mac Pro?

    Will it run on Mac Pro's?

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