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US music, movie labels plan giant copyright center

updated 04:10 pm EDT, Mon April 2, 2012

Center for Copyright Information due soon

Major movie labels along with their music equivalents will soon reveal plans to open up a Center for Copyright Information (CCI) in their fight against piracy, CNET reported on Monday. The organization will be charged with supervising the graduated response method suggested by the RIAA for Internet providers. Outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF), the center would also involve the major Internet service providers themselves, such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon.

The person in charge of the CCI is also due to be unveiled soon, with one of the top candidates being Jill Lesser. She is currently the managing director of lobbying and public policy at The Glover Park Group and board member at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

The CCI's roles will reportedly be to educate the public about copyright laws and inform of the consequences of any potential violations. Staff will then gauge the effectiveness of these actions, the ability of companies identifying violators, and attempting to bring new ISPs into the fold. File sharers will be told how and where they can get music and movies online legally.

The advisory board of the center will likely have some representatives from technology companies and organizations who are critical of copyright laws of movie studios and record labels, although how balanced this might be is unclear. Movie and music industry heads have often been reluctant to accept concepts suggested by critics, such as beliefs that not every pirated copy is a lost sale or that proposed laws like PIPA and SOPA might be overreaching.

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    The MPAA and the RIAA will never learn. They will always reject anything that is fair and gives people what they want, in favor of a totalitarian system that punishes only the legitimate purchasers of music and movies. People who pirate will always do so and represent very little of the mainstream.

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