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Sergey Brin takes Google's Project Glass into the wild [U]

updated 11:35 pm EDT, Thu April 5, 2012

Google co-founder proves Prject Glass real

(Update: new, better photos) Google co-founder Sergey Brin used a Dining in the Dark charity event to provide one of the first real instances of Project Glass in real life. He proved to Rackspace's Robert Scoble that they not only matched the design from the concept video but that they work, with images flashing on the tiny glass display. The glasses themselves appeared very lightweight.

Brin was wearing a backpack, but the glasses appeared "self contained" and didn't look to require whatever was sitting inside. Google hasn't said for certain whether Project Glass would be fully independent or would have to pair with a smartphone, although the slim profile of the glasses has led some to suspect that it might best work when depending on a phone's Internet access and computing power.

Google has said very little about how soon the glasses might become a reality, and if so how much they would cost and what they would do in the long term. Earlier tips had them shipping to the public before the end of 2012, as an experimental product, between $250 and $600. [images via Thomas Hawk]

By Electronista Staff
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