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Google: we're 'quite focused' on lower-end Android tablets

updated 06:20 pm EDT, Thu April 12, 2012

Google CEO hints skew towards budget tablets

Google chief Larry Page hinted at a shift in his company's Android tablet strategy during his company's quarterly results call on Thursday. When asked about what Google would do to improve Android's poor showing on tablets, he believed that most success would come at the lower end of the market. Google was "quite focused" on the category, he said, without saying what that meant.

He did acknowledge the likelihood that the Amazon Kindle Fire was playing a disproportionately large role in getting Android any substantial market share. They might thrive, but "maybe not [with] the full Google version of Android," Page said.

The statements suggest Google has had to at least reluctantly accept the Kindle Fire as carrying Android's tablet presence. Although it runs Android 2.3, its heavily customized OS and lack of official Google services apps leaves Google both without extra revenues and without its official experience in place. Rumors surrounding a cheap official Google tablet have had it arriving partly to reassert control over Android and undermine Amazon.

The comments were partly an admission that Android tablets weren't having success in larger sizes. There was "strong competition," Page said in an allusion to the iPad. The platform is now significant, but every Android maker combined remain in a minority next to Apple, and few signs have emerged that performance will improve.

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  1. bigmig

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    No surprise...

    Given that that's where the vast majority of their success with phones has come...

  1. Orbifold

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    not going native

    Native Android apps are going nowhere on tablets. Google is working on both Dart, a hoped for replacement to JavaScript, and JavaScript 3 which adds types. A better JavaScript means better web apps. A notorious leaked internal memo said they could not compete on quality with Apple native apps. They are at least hedging their bets on native Android or they may be quietly conceding native tablet apps to Apple.

  1. rvhernandez

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    Race to the Bottom

    Hopefully Google ends up just like Dell and the other bottom feeders.

  1. tc17

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    I have used an android tablet in the past, but noticed that most of the apps for it are c***. It's like almost all of them are designed for a phone. The apps on iOS are FAR better quality, and nicer looking on the iPad. A lot of the iOS apps are actually designed for tablets also.

  1. tc17

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    Google does not know how to make an operating system, that's why it looks so ugly and is buggy. I'd be willing to bet that windows 8 on a tablet will eventually overtake Androids marketshare.

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