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Alleged iPhone 5 part may dispel idea of curved back

updated 12:50 pm EDT, Wed May 2, 2012

Similar to iPhone 4, 4S equivalent

A purported iPhone 5 part may hint at the shape of the new device. Vendor is now selling what it labels a "Replacement Sim Card Tray Holder Slot For Apple iPhone 5," despite few details of the upcoming phone having been leaked to the public. The part is said to be similar to the SIM tray used in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

Because the tray is made of flat aluminum, it may indicate that Apple won't use a curved back made out of Liquidmetal alloy. Most rumors about the upcoming iPhone have revolved more around size and internal features; some for instance have suggested a larger screen, possibly as big as 4 inches. The most common claim is that the phone will support LTE 4G, especially now that the latest iPad is 4G-capable.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. testudo

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    It sure would! If it were more than alleged!

  1. DaJoNel

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    An alleged part that is very similar to the 4 and 4S parts. Oh, and you're predicting the design of an entire phone based on a prototype SIM HOLDER? SERIOUSLY?

    Why must I be one of the few with a brain? Apple is not going to release any design-indicating parts before the launch of their flagship model.

    Oh, and I care WAY more about MacBook Pro news. Getting close to what I'm assuming is an announcement of that. Probably a major redesign, due to the HUGE gap in time from the last revision. Anyone want to shed some light on that?

    Who am I kidding. I don't care about MBP rumours, either. It all means nothing until I see Tim Cook on stage. And the new MacBook Pro (or Air, I can't decide) in my hands.

  1. bobolicious

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    softer in pocket/hand

    ...would be preferred by this 3gs holdout... the defined edges of the 4/4s look better than they feel to me, and I would look forward to something more organically ergonomic from the Apple design camp... :)

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