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Adobe issues Flash plug-in, player 'critical' updates

updated 10:35 pm EDT, Fri May 4, 2012

'Priority 1' issue affects PC, Mac, Android

A "critical" security issue that can cause the Flash plug-in to crash and allow a malicious program potential access to the system is addressed in the latest Adobe security update for both the Flash player standalone program for CS users and web browser plug-in for Macs, Windows and Android systems. Users are strongly advised to upgrade to version on Macs and Windows, and v11.1.111.8 on Android (version for Android 4.0).

The vulnerability is referred to obliquely in Adobe's Security Bulletin accompanying the release, but the update is available either through the program's own auto-update mechanism or by visiting the Flash Player update page. Adobe reports that instances of the malicious takeover technique have been seen "in the wild" exploiting Internet Explorer, but the vulnerability could affect any other of the mentioned platforms.

The company lists some known issues with even this latest version, including two flaws specific to the Mac: the mouse cursor does not change to the hand pointer when mousing over TLF links, and Adobe AIR crashes in late-model Macs running 10.7.2. Flash has been saddled with numerous security issues over the years, which has fostered a haste to move to the HTML5 standard whenever possible (such as for video and audio content delivery).

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs listed security as one of the principle concerns in Apple's decision to ship iOS without support for Flash, even though it was the dominant media and animation web vehicle at the time. Adobe itself has taken a leadership role in developing animation and other techniques with HTML5 and other standard web technologies such as CSS and JavaScript, competing against its own standard in some ways.

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  1. jay3ld

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    Flash isn't installed on any of my systems.

  1. TomMcIn

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Dec 2001


    Adobe Flash

    Is this POS software ever going to be clean. It seems there is another patch every week. When one has a 9 digit version number, something is amiss.

  1. TomMcIn

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Dec 2001


    Adobe Flash Gone

    The update failed but the uninstaller seems to have worked fine. Will see if I can live without what Steve likely called a POS.

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  1. Arne_Saknussemm

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Apr 2011


    "When one has a 9 digit version number, something

    Just like OS X (10)

  1. baggy_pants

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Dec 2007


    Re: Just like OS X (10)

    I can only read that a serious so I just have to call it what it is, a stupid comment.

    OS X has 4 digits tops as a version number (10.6.2 for example), the latest Flash Player Version is

    Now do you understand the comment TomMcIn was trying to make? It looks like a helluva lot of revisions by comparison.

  1. Jeronimo2000

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    Joined: Aug 2001



    Don't worry about that other guy's comment, he's just here to post brainless BS like that and get a kick out of other people's reactions. Kind of like a hyperactive 5-year-old whose parents gave up long ago. Just ignore it and don't feed the trolls. :)

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