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Adobe changes tack, will fix critical issues in CS 5.5

updated 10:36 am EDT, Sun May 13, 2012

Eight security matters need patching

After facing backlash and scrutiny following an announcement that it wasn't going to fix critical security bugs in the two-year-old version Creative Suite 5 or the year-old v5.5, Adobe security response team detailed plans to fix the problems on Saturday. On May 8, Adobe's security note explaining the vulnerabilities said that the only fixes for the bugs was upgrading to the newly released Adobe Creative Suite 6 or being careful with image sources, a move that would essentially force users to upgrade immediately.

A post on the official blog marked the change, with no mention of last week's version of the announcement other than the date the bulletin was originally published. All mentions of the previous guidelines have been editorially purged from both the security bulletin's page as well as other Adobe product pages.

In regards to Adobe's failure to patch Creative Suite 5.5 applications, nCircle Security's Andrew Storms told Computerworld on Friday that for all the company has been doing to revise their face of security, "this just brings them right back into the dunce cap seat." One security hole exists in the handling of maliciously constructed TIFF files, conceivably allowing an attacker to take control of the computer after a stack overflow. Details of the other seven flaws are not known. [via Computerworld]

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  1. facebook_Raimo

    Via Facebook

    Joined: May 2012


    Adobe =:@(

    Seems to it's finally the time to start looking for another way than Adobe's software to work on the desktop publishing or web publishing or any publishing.
    Too much crappy and expensive software coming from their tube.
    If Yu know what You're doing and what You want, You CAN do print and web publishing documents using almost any word processing software on market today.

  1. Salty

    Professional Poster

    Joined: Jul 2005



    The problem is that for graphics work there are few programs that can rival the combined power of Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Fireworks.

  1. coffeetime

    Senior User

    Joined: Nov 2006



    is monopolizing the graphic industry. Like how MS Office is to the word processor. Maybe the lawyer should sue Adobe for a change instead of just Apple.

  1. sunman42

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 2011


    Why thank you, Adobe

    Can I have the taxpayers' $199 back? I'll send back the Photoshop CS6 downloader and the license code they paid for before you had your change of heart.

  1. pottymouth

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Nov 2003



    Glad I didn't hear about this issue until after it was resolved, or I woulda been some P.O.'d!

    Upgrading legacy files and software isn't always an option, even when money is no object. If my client's internal teams only have CS5.5, I have to stay in 5.5. In fact, I'm currently working on 4 multi-thousand page publications in 4 different versions of InDesign, all the way back to CS3. No sign of CS6 yet, but if any of the big publishers make the jump, we'll all certainly have to follow.

    Leaving gaping security holes in an otherwise perfectly functioning product is a downright evil way to get people to upgrade. Thanks for not being total dicks, Adobe.

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