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Ivy Bridge Mac benchmarks seen, Best Buy drops Mac prices

updated 07:10 am EDT, Mon May 14, 2012

Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro and iMac benchmarks surface

Purported MacBook Pro and iMac benchmarks have surfaced on Geekbench showing the Macs running Intel's next-gen Ivy Bridge processors. Giving a further hint that the specs are indeed for two of Apple's latest Macs, the MacBook Pro carries the model designation 9,1, while the 27-inch iMac carries the designation 13,2. Interestingly, Best Buy has also marked down its whole Mac range in a further sign that Apple's Mac line refresh is impending.

As expected, the Ivy Bridge processors bring up to a 17 percent performance improvement. The MacBook Pro model tested was fitted with a 3rd-gen Core i7-3820QM quad-core chip clocked at 2.7GHz and which scored 12252 on the Geekbench test. Against a similarly specified current 2nd-gen Core i7 MacBook Pro, this shows a 17 percent performance boost.

The iMac tested was also running a 3rd-generation Core i7 quad-core processor, although a desktop-class processor. Correspondingly, it was clocked at a much higher 3.4GHz, but only scored 12183 as it was matched with just 4GB of RAM. This put it slightly past a current Sandy Bridge iMac-equivalent with a 9 percent performance gain. [via Cult of Mac]

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  1. facebook_Eric

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    No more tower

    The "entire Mac range" is now a laptop and iMac?

  1. ASathin8R

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    It might pay to re-read the article and correctly quote from it - the article doesn't say that Best Buy's discounts don't apply to Mac Pros. Where does the article say or imply that Apple isn't planning a Mac Pro refresh? It could be, but no benchmarks have surfaced yet...although some suggest that Apple might kill it altogether leaving just the notebooks, the iMac as the performance leader (which it already is) and the Mac mini.

  1. dpicardi

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    Mac Pro

    While I love my 2008 Mac Pro...the reasons to own one these days are getting fewer and fewer. It used to be you needed one to do high end graphics and video work. No more. These new systems run circles around my cutting edge Mac Pro now. Now you can take it all with you with a MBP and few thunder bolt drive or two.


  1. Paul Huang

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    Just a price match with...

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