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Cathas claims patent infringement by iOS Developer program

updated 02:15 pm EDT, Fri June 1, 2012

Firm sues Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn and others on same day

A new lawsuit has been filed against Apple and its iOS Developer Program for patent infringement. Delaware-based Cathas Advanced Technologies believes the iOS Developer Program infringes on two claims of a patent entitled "Web-Based Design Software for Keep-Alive Boards," according to Patently Apple. Cathas expects a "reasonable royalty" along with a payment with interest for "suffered damages."

The patent in question, number 6,925,445, was originally owned by Delphi Technologies and invented by Branislav Kisacanin. Apple is alleged to have infringed on patent claims 1 and 10, namely "a method for electronically providing customized software to the customer...through a web interface" and "a web-based software delivery system for electronically providing customized software to a consumer."

Cathas has also cited patents it owns in several other lawsuits filed on the same day. The same patent seen in the Apple suit is also being used against Oracle for exactly the same reasons. Suits against Amazon, Expedia, Groupon, LinkedIn, and LivingSocial argue that the defendants utilized patented method for supplying services relating to "supplier branding" over a network, in patent no. 7,412,446. Similar requests relating to compensation are made, along with a demand for trial by jury.

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  1. jdonahoe

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    Throw it out

    Unless Apple copied exact code from Delphi for doing the things that they are being sued for, I say throw it out. How do you get a patent without a specific program. This sounds like a frivolous lawsuit. I thought you had to have a working model to get a patent. Even the guy that patented the safety pin had an example to demonstrate. Make this guy show a previous program that Apple infringed on.

  1. The Vicar

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    Re: Throw it out

    While I agree with you about the probable merits of the case, there's plenty of precedent for patents without demonstration. Not only was the central U.S. patent for the concept of an automobile granted to an opportunistic lawyer who was totally incapable of even understanding how it would work, but he managed to use legal hocus-pocus to prevent the time limit from starting until the point when other people actually brought cars to market.

  1. I-ku-u

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    Reading the patent and comparing it with my own experiences with the iOS developer program, I think the person(s) filing the suit don't know what their patent actually claims. The patent claimed is very specific that a specification is provided via the web, and then that pre-existing source code is compiled to produce the customized executable.

    Unless this is done in some obscure corner of the Apple's program that I've not encountered, Apple's closest approach to this patent is in having a web interface that provides credentials and certificates based on web specifications and these get used by other programs (such as Xcode) to partially customize behavior. As Apple never provides a customized executable, the patent for a method to do so can't possibly apply.

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