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ICANN reveals 1,930 generic top-level domain submissions

updated 12:14 pm EDT, Wed June 13, 2012

Google applies for 101 gTLDs, Amazon 76

ICANN has revealed the full list of new generic top-level domain (gTLD) submissions. Some 1,930 requests have been made, with some major parties aiming for multiple suffixes, while others are notably absent. In many instances the Internet-based land-grab involves companies trying to secure brand names and trademarks, though others are competing for generic terms, or some not-so-serious names.

One firm, Charleston Road Registry, has applied for 101 domains including .google, .goog, .youtube, and .tube, suggesting it is working on behalf of search giant Google. Apple has applied for just .apple, ignoring other possibilities such as .mac, .ipod, or .iphone. Microsoft's claims are uncontested for 10 brand-related names, however it is competing with Google for .docs. Amazon has applied for 76 names.

Some conspicuously absent parties include food giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola, neither of which applied for their own trademarks, even as others like McDonald's did. Neither Facebook nor Twitter have tried to register their names, which is especially unusual given the tech-heavy nature of the registration field. Some companies have found the gTLD registrations to be an expensive exercise, though, and voiced their concerns; ICANN has set evaluation fees at $185,000 per gTLD application.

In terms of generic names, .baby, .art, .inc, .llc, and .love have found a large amount of interest. .lol has found two takers, while .wow three, and other groups are competing for .sex and .porn. One party has registered an interest in .unicorn.

Successful applicants for the new gTLD names will be active starting next year, according to ICANN.

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  1. icerabbit

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2011


    Shocking in some ways

    Looking at the list there is one thing that completely stands out.

    Somebody has created a boatload of LLCs to go after every generic domain whether of full word or abbreviation ... all tied to a single domain?

    .academy .agency .apartments .app architect art associates attorney auction audio auto baby band bargains baseball basketball beauty bet bike blog boats book ...

    You name and they're pretty much going after it. The list just goes on and on and on ?

    I thought it cost $185 grand for one single application ?!

    There has to be some loss/gains angle only folks in the big leagues can play with.

  1. facebook_Colin

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jun 2012


    Years late

    The .mac domain would have been great for Apple to have several years ago.

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