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Apple fined $165,000 in Chinese writer's piracy suit

updated 07:11 pm EST, Thu December 27, 2012

Ruling marks end of year-long suit questioning Apple's app policies

A judge from the Chinese Second Intermediate People's Court in Beijing has determined that Apple is liable for the sale of works from eight authors whose works were consolidated into apps by other companies and sold through the App Store. The $165,000 fine is to be paid directly to the writers and companies who brought the suit, and is significantly less than requested by the claimants.

Apple had previously said during the trial that its app review personnel "take copyright infringement complaints very seriously" and the policies and procedures used in review are always being updated to "better assist content owners in protecting their rights."

The China Written Works Copyright Society (CWWCS) filed the suit in December of 2011, asking for 11.9 million yuan ($1.89 million) and then asked for nearly double the original damages over the summer after finding 25 additional infringing works. The group complained that Apple took too long to remove the content, or deferred the group to the offending app developers to rectify the complaints.

While not accusing Apple of direct piracy as part of the claims, the authors wanted Apple to verify the copyright of books before it published them to avoid a repeat of the violations. The American company wasn't honoring local laws, claimed the CWWCS in the suit. Apple has turned down the request, citing the impossibility of the task.

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  1. apostle

    Junior Member

    Joined: 04-16-08

    First Apple has to post ads in England as part of a punishment. Now they have to dress up in a Chinese Writer's "Piracy Suit" (presumably some type of Halloween costume) before being fined $165,000. What next?!?


  1. Eldernorm

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: 09-26-07

    This is such a laugh, but sadly its not funny. China, the country that focuses on stealing everything they can and making it cheaper to rip off copyright and patents. Then turns around and helps groups punish cause other chinese are stealing.

    I am all for obeying the law but this is the same country that let a company exec sell the IPAD name to Apple then, when they found out who it was, files a lawsuit as one of their divisions and wanted 100 times more money for the same trademark. And the government went along with it. Yep we will sell it to you as many times as we can cause we are crooks, the government is a crook, and no one cares cause its a country of crooks.

    Anyone want to counter the claim. PS, a friend of mine "died" there under very mysterious conditions and NO ONE cared. A healthy woman who had people breaking into her place several times, suddenly dies. Cause,,,,, who cares. Press on.

    China, .... sometimes I think the people deserve the country. Sadly.

  1. blahblahbber


    Joined: 02-01-05

    I think it goes deeper than all this eldernorm.... remember that milk filler scam??? Yeah.... this government is definitely one that would not like me to say the least.

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