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More sources back gold option for iPhone 5S [u]

updated 09:51 am EDT, Mon August 19, 2013

Apple expected to go with more subdued tone

(Updated with AllThingsD claims) More sources are supporting the prospect of a gold-colored iPhone 5S. Several people tell TechCrunch and iMore that a gold option is planned, although Apple is allegedly going for a more subtle "champagne" tone that shifts depending on how light hits it. A point of comparison is thought to be the gold model of the defunct iPod mini (see below).

Gold would reportedly be one of the easier colors to anodize for a new iPhone. At least easier than black, which may explain the "slate" tone used with the iPhone 5. Gold might also increase the appeal of the iPhone in China and India, both important markets for Apple.

Still uncertain is how the new option might fit into Apple's existing color lineup. It's speculated that even if metal is gold-tinted, any plastic may be white. In that scenario, there could be up to three 5S options: black/slate, white/silver, and white/gold. Alternately Apple might choose to ditch the silver color, though that may be unlikely given its popularity. The 5S is expected to be announced next month, alongside an all-plastic 5C lineup.

Update: AllThingsD is corroborating the news, including the "champagne" tone. The site's sources add that it will indeed use a white plastic face, leaving only the metal colored.

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  1. bobolicious

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: 08-15-02

    ...ditch silver...? this is the color that might best endure in appearance for such a potentially high wear device ? Did Jobs get it right - black or white with clear anodized ? If gold may appeal to new markets perhaps such might work behind the glass facia...? Could the possibility of texturing, refraction and iridescence offer an even more beautiful options ?

  1. panjandrum

    Junior Member

    Joined: 12-01-04

    Anything colored Gold except something actually made of Gold is just embarrassing. Remember gold picture frames? Gold rims and trim for cars? Yeah baby, grab that v-neck velvet shirt hop into your 82 Fiero with some totally sweet gold rims and a few stick-on gold trim highlights and pop that totally sexy gold-plated chain around your neck and rock it out major-cheese style. Basically, unless you are into retro-tastelessness as a "style" statement (hard to pull-off) then gold-colored "stuff" just screams "I have no taste and I really think this stupid whatever look totally awesome because!" Personally, I'm hoping this is some kind of corporate tactic of Apple's to trick other companies into wasting money making gold-color phones. Then again, we see more and more evidence that it really was Jobs (and only Jobs) who really understood how things should be, so I guess a gold iPhone wouldn't shock me.

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