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New Lumia 2520 ad touts Nokia tablet's outdoor visibility over iPad's

updated 08:03 am EST, Sun December 22, 2013

Animated Nokia commercial says Lumia tablet can be read outdoors

Nokia is back to comparing its wares against Apple's, this time touting the outdoor visibility of the screen on its Lumia 2520 tablet against that of Apple's iPad. A new, animated commercial from the Finnish manufacturer also talks up the potential productivity of the Windows RT tablet versus Apple's offering and other tablets. It it the most recent commercial from Nokia, and the second of the last three to make a comparison to the iPad while touting the Lumia 2520.

Outdoor visibility has typically been a concern for iPads, even as the devices have become more portable, with brighter and higher-resolution screens. The iPad Air made some progress on this front, but critics still say Apple's bestselling tablet has a ways to go in this one area. Nokia's 2520, on the other hand, has seen some praise for specifically that feature, as the bright screen on the device is easily readable in direct sunlight.

The spot takes a decidedly lighter tone than the other recent 2520 commercial. Nokia raised eyebrows last week with another commercial for its tablet that featured mullets, filthy fingernails, and a creepy barber that made hair grow.

The 2520 will be one of Nokia's last hardware devices to see release before the company's hardware division is absorbed by Microsoft early next year. Nokia had also reportedly been planning an 8-inch companion to the 2520, but that device is believed to have been scrapped as the acquisition approaches.

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  1. Wingsy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: 04-14-05

    I guess it was a couple years ago when I was at the Apple store in line for something. The girl at the door had an iPad taking orders. I wanted to see the screen as I had heard complaints of its daylight visibility. The screen was in direct sunlight and I had absolutely no difficulty reading it, colors and all. My conclusion was that this was overblown like most every other fabricated complaint.

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: 11-28-08

    Let's chalk up one point out of 100 for owning a Nokia tablet. Only 99 more points to go to for Nokia to reach iPad status with their tablets.

  1. Makosuke

    Forum Regular

    Joined: 08-06-01

    At least it's a better ad than a guy getting a mullet from an incredibly creepy demonic barber.

    Which is kind of like the advertising equivalent of saying "It's better than ebola", but trying to say something nice about Nokia here.

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