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New photos of 'iPhone 6' mock-up appear online

updated 11:02 pm EDT, Tue April 29, 2014

Fits rumors and alleged specs, but veracity is very questionable

As we live in the age of the 3D printer, it was just a matter of time before the dubious computer-rendering of an "iPhone 6" based on rumor reports would be produced as a model that reflects those measurements and rumors, but provides little convincing evidence that the next iPhone will actually resemble it. The dummy model, which like the "iPhone 6" cases seen in and outside of China recently are based on the current iPod touch, with a thinner profile and more rounded corners than the current iPhone.

Computer render based on rumored dimensions
Computer render based on rumored dimensions

While the model itself may hail from dubious sources, that's not to say that the next iPhone might not be thinner: given Apple's track record and obsession with thinness, it may well opt to allow the battery to expand with the larger display, but make it thinner, fitting the width of the iPod touch for what would probably be about the same volume overall. If true, the common guesstimate of 6mm (0.23 inches) would be noticeably less than the current 7.6mm (0.3 inches) width of the iPhone 5s.

The mock-up device also features longer volume buttons and more rounded edges than the current iPhone, in line with rumors that the "iPhone 6" was, like its forebears, a redesign rather than a polish of the existing reference design. The photos, which leaked from two Chinese forums called and (translated into English) "Indiscretions Cabbage Lovers," do not include enough reference to determine the dimensions of the mock-up exactly, but it is thought to represent the alleged 4.7-inch model that Apple has allegedly been working on for some time, and look to fit inside the recently-leaked alleged "iPhone 6" third-party cases.

The model offers a very thin bezel around the screen, suggesting that 4.7-inch display will be both longer and wider than the present iPhone 5/5c/5s 4-inch display. The exact purpose of the dummy mock-up (other than to stoke the rumor fires) remains unclear; assuming it is genuine, it could potentially be used to help case designers get a head start on accessories. However, the mock-up -- like earlier alleged designs for the "iPhone 6" -- show a raised rear-facing camera, a relocated sleep/wake button and the absence of the distinctive, pill-shaped two-tone flash as used on the iPhone 5s. Other than the changed sleep/wake button, the other qualities are already present on the iPod touch.

The omissions raise doubts about the veracity of the mock-up. Like many of the earlier designs upon which it is based, the mock-up looks like it was heavily influenced by the current iPod touch (which fits the cases made off this design perfectly in terms of thickness and the alignment of the volume buttons). The current iPod touch is 6.1mm in width, features the same longer, pill-shaped volume buttons, a softer and more rounded back and a slightly protruding camera (and lacks the two-tone flash). This raises the distinct possibility that the casings and specs might be accurate -- but perhaps not for a future iPhone.

By Electronista Staff
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