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updated 09:28 pm EDT, Tue May 13, 2014

E-mail sorting, an undo feature, in-line replies and chat options among updates

Microsoft spelled out some new features for today on their Office blog page about improvements to e-mail features and other connectivity. An advanced rules feature to sort e-mails and three other updates made their way to the online e-mail client ahead of Office 365 adoption.

The largest of all the updates comes the addition of the advanced rules option. Advanced rules will allow users to provide more specific directions in how e-mails are sorted within in the e-mail box. In the post Microsoft states that users can "create multi-condition and multi-action rules" to set for an inbox to automatically organize itself. Additional optional conditions that are only available on include the ability to check for the read state of an e-mail, seeing if an e-mail received is from a contact, tallying e-mails and listing time constraints.

A quick command staple control-z makes an appearance thanks to the addition of an undo feature to the service. will now allow the last action completed to be undone, from deleting, marking an e-mail as junk or moving an item to a folder, via the key command or new undo button at the top of the screen.

In-line replies have been added as well. The feature allows for replies to be seen in the thread as a user replies rather than having to launch into a new view. The need to jump around to different e-mails to find the most recent information while typing will no longer be necessarily.

Messaging has been improved with new ways to find and initiate conversations. The bottom left portion of the window will not show contacts and an availability status. Simply clicking on one will start a conversation. Searching through the people section now allows contacts to be filtered by a service to see which friends are available in specific services. Conversations within can even be changed via a drop down to another service such as Facebook or Skype to carry on the same conversation on another service.

Microsoft says that the features will start rolling out today with the features making it to all customers "in the next few weeks."

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