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Daily Deals: QNAP TS-431, Amazon Kindle, Sony 4k AV receiver

03/06, 11:45am

MacNN and Electronista deals for March 6, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where we place discounts and offers on hardware and software we find in online stores for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Alongside our last recap of the week's still-active deals before they disappear, we have a Sony 4k AV receiver, a driveless QNAP network attached storage appliance, and a few inexpensive Windows laptops.


Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (Android, 10.1-inch)

03/05, 11:21am

Flexible tablet good for everyday use, soured by design decisions

Lenovo is building a bigger name for itself year after year, including its devices expanding beyond desktop computers. The company's line of stylish, portable devices continues with one of its newest tablets, the Yoga Tablet 2. The 10.1-inch, Android-powered tablet continues the trend set by other Yoga devices, allowing users to position it in several configurations to suit specific needs. But does the Yoga Tablet 2 hold up to everyday use, or is it just another drop in the bucket for Android devices? Find out in our review.


Daily Deals: Trendnet wireless router, Hisense HDTV, Amazon Kindle

03/05, 11:13am

MacNN and Electronista deals for March 5, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the weekday post where discounts, sales, and offers for various gadgets, gizmos, hardware, and software are listed for you, the dear MacNN and Electronista reader. Today, we recap the still-active deals from earlier this week, with the new items including a 40-inch HDTV, a $25 dual-band wireless router, and $20 off the Amazon Kindle.


Xiaomi Yi is $64 GoPro-style action camera with 16MP sensor

03/05, 6:33am

Action camera from Xiaomi records 1080p at 60fps

Not content with making mobile devices, Chinese smartphone producer Xiaomi revealed a new action camera at Mobile World Congress. The Xiaomi Yi is a compact camera in a similar style to GoPro Hero devices, taking the form of a small unassuming white box, with the device offering a 16-megapixel camera sensor capable of 1080p H.264 video recording at 60 frames per second.


Briefly: Yerba Buena gets signage, iTunes tweaked for indie labels

03/04, 9:06pm

SF's Yerba Buena Center gains Apple signage for the 'Spring Forward' event

Crews are putting up banners, signs, and other decorations to transform the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco into an Apple auditorium for the March 9 "Spring Forward" event, where Apple is expected to offer a general update on its various initiatives as well as formally debut the Apple Watch, which will arrive in stores some time in April. As reported earlier, Apple is also building on an extension to the center that will likely serve as a showcase room for the press to try out the new Apple Watch.


Valve makes Source 2 engine free, introduces Steam Link console

03/04, 7:55pm

Steam Link home streaming device, virtual reality hardware announced at GDC

Valve Software made a considerable number of announcements at the Game Developers Conference, just as it advised, concerning both hardware and software development. The company's Source 2 engine was revealed, alongside a new set-top box for in-home streaming called the Steam Link, Steam Machine updates, and more about its recently-unveiled virtual reality efforts.


Daily Deals: Wacom Cintiq 13HD, 55-inch RCA HDTV, Sony action cam

03/04, 2:01pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for March 4, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals the post where we search for offers and discounts on a variety of computer hardware, gadgets, games, and other technology for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Aside from a recap of still-active deals, today's new additions include the Wacom Cintiq 13HD, $200 off a 55-inch RCA HDTV, and a Sony Action Camera for $150.


Sony shipping Project Morpheus virtual reality headset in early 2016

03/04, 11:25am

Latest PlayStation 4 VR headset prototype has bigger OLED screen

Sony is bringing its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset to consumers in the first half of 2016, the company has advised at the Game Developer Conference. Sony has also revealed a new prototype for the VR headset at the event, with the device exchanging the five-inch LCD panel used in the previous version for an OLED-based 1080p screen measuring 5.7 inches.


Nvidia introduces Shield home console, Grid cloud gaming subscriptions

03/04, 9:57am

Shield console capable of 4K video, in-home and Grid game streaming

Nvidia made two major announcements at the Game Developers Conference, relating to its gaming devices. A console version of the Nvidia Shieldhas been announced, providing similar streaming gameplay as the original handheld and the Shield Tablet, while the Grid cloud-based gaming service will be fully launched in the coming months, including a connection to the Steam online store and subscriptions.


Apple Watch takes top design industry honors ahead of launch

03/03, 7:59pm

Jury proclaims forthcoming timepiece 'already an icon,' wins one of 47 gold awards

Apple's forthcoming Apple Watch -- expected to be formally unveiled at a press conference on March 9 -- is already an "award-winning" product that the jury called "a delightful product offering a holistic user experience" and deemed it "already an icon." Picked from among over 3,200 products vying for world-class recognition from International Forum Design, the Apple Watch took home one of only 47 Gold awards, and one of only two given to telecommunication products.


Briefly: Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboard, Adata OTG microReader

03/03, 2:42pm

Tesoro ships key-specific customizable mechanical Excalibur Spectrum Keyboard

Tesoro Technology has announced the Excalibur Spectrum mechanical keyboard, featuring individual key-specific customizability in 16.8 million colors. The Excalibur Spectrum allows gamers to individually customize virtually any color, to any key. Eight different LED effects, such as dimming, full zone, trigger, ripple, firework, radiation, rainbow wave, can be selected -- and per-key customized mode as well as five levels of brightness can be stored across five user profiles. The keyboard also has N-Key rollover, to prevent "ghosting" as well as 512kb of storage for macros. The Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum will be available in the middle of March in North America, at a suggested retail price of $140.


Archos introduces Magnus tablet range with 'Fusion Storage'

03/03, 2:37pm

Fusion Storage combines microSD card, internal memory into single storage block

Archos has revealed a selection of high-capacity tablets at Mobile World Congress, along with new memory-boosting technology to help make storage management more efficient. The Magnus tablet range offer capacities of up to 256GB, while the manufacturer's "Fusion Storage" system allows for external microSD card storage to be effectively combined with the internal memory of the tablet.


Daily Deals: Linksys routers, Sennheiser headphones, Dell 4K monitor

03/03, 1:23pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for March 3, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the weekday post when the staff of MacNN and Electronista search for discounts and deals on hardware, software, games, gadgets, and other tech for you, our discerning readers. Today, we have a pair of Linksys routers, Sennheiser headphones, and a 27-inch Dell 4K monitor, alongside our recap of yesterday's still-active deals.


Pebble adds Time Steel to Kickstarter, introduces smartstraps

03/03, 9:53am

Pebble Time Steel has metal body, similar specifications, larger battery

Pebble has given backers of its wildly-successful Pebble Time Kickstarter a difficult decision, by adding an alternative device to purchase. Similar to the Pebble Steel compared to the original, the Pebble Time Steel is a metal-clad version of the smartwatch, containing the majority of internal components as the updated wearable device, but with a few slight changes to match the more mature design.


Apple Watch: plethora of details leak as public debut nears

03/02, 9:10pm

Code name, new features, availability outside of US comes to light

As the publicity machine shifts into high gear in preparation for the public debut of the Apple Watch on March 9, new details and additional features, applications and other bits of information are making their way into the press. The codename for the project, for example, was "Gizmo," reports The New York Times. Among other revelations are the role that former Adobe Flash chief Kevin Lynch played, power-saving and style details, and the news that the watch will also launch abroad in its first month.


Daily Deals: Viewsonic monitor, 16MP Fujifilm camera, 6TB hard drive

03/02, 3:38pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for March 2, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where we scour online retailers to find discounts and offers on gadgets, hardware, games, and other items for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Since it is the start of a new week, we have wiped the slate clean, with the new collection of deals including a Fujifilm 16MP compact camera, a 6TB Seagate desktop hard drive for $200, and a 24-inch Viewsonic monitor.


Cintiq bolsters drawing pad line with Cintiq 13HD touch model

03/02, 3:12pm

New model features 10-point multitouch in conjunction with pen input

Earlier today, drawing tablet manufacturer Wacom announced the latest in its line of artists' peripherals, the Cintiq 13HD touch. The Cintiq 13HD touch is designed to offer a natural pen and touch experience. Wacom's pen display offers characteristic touch and pen capabilities, providing a digital workflow that emulates drawing or painting on paper or canvas.


Apple adds 'vehicles' to corporate documents in Swiss filing

03/02, 1:29pm

Amendment intended as catch-all, includes motorbikes, ships, aircraft, more

According to a Swiss enthusiast site, Apple has amended the corporate document filings it maintains with the government in that country to include "vehicles" among its activities. The statement, added to official documents that classify the company for tax and licensing purposes, is incredibly broad -- covering any sort of product for any sort of moving vehicle, from wheelchairs to airplanes -- but is notable in light of recent speculation that Apple is developing a car of some type.


Sony reveals Xperia Z4 tablet with 6.1mm thickness, octa-core chip

03/02, 9:34am

The new 10.1-inch tablet makes its debut alongside the M4 phone

Sony has unveiled its new Z4 tablet at Mobile World Congress, claiming the title of world's thinnest and lightest tablet in the 10-inch class. It is also said to integrate the brightest display in the segment, with a battery that promises to last through 17 straight hours of video playback.


Huawei's 7-inch MediaPad X2 brings dual-SIM, octa-core

03/01, 5:25pm

The tablet supports 300Mbps LTE

Huawei has introduced the seven-inch MediaPad X2 tablet at Mobile World Congress. The company promotes the MediaPad X1's successor as suitable for use as a phone, with dual SIM slots and a thin-bezel housing that measures just 7.3mm thick. The second generation promises to deliver improved call quality, enhanced software and better camera and video features.


Acer reveals upgraded Liquid Leap Plus

03/01, 12:53pm

The new Leap works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Acer has introduced an updated version of its fitness tracker, now known as the Liquid Leap+. The device offers all of the typical fitness features, in a water-resistant package that retails for less than $90.


Ikea launching line of Qi based wireless charging home accessories

03/01, 12:25pm

April launch in EU, US; worldwide rollout shortly thereafter

Global home furnishings retailer Ikea today announced a product launch of powered bedside tables, lamps, and desks that implement a wireless charging standard. Ikea has adopted the QI standard, and will sell cases in-store that use the standard for phones that do not have the technology integrated, like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5.


HTC partners with Under Armour for Grip fitness tracker

03/01, 11:58am

HTC fitness tracker has built-in GPS tracking, connects to heart rate monitors

HTC revealed a third device at its Utopia in Progress event, alongside the One M9 and the Vive VR headset, a rumored fitness tracker which marks the company's first foray into wearable devices. The HTC Grip has been designed in partnership with sports clothing manufacturer Under Armour, with the tracker sending data to Under Armour Record for monitoring the wearer's progress.


Huawei TalkBand B2 doubles as a Bluetooth earpiece

03/01, 11:40am

The B2 brings an upscale design and new features

Huawei has introduced a new fitness tracker, the TalkBand B2, that made its debut alongside the company's new smartwatch at Mobile World Congress. Serving as a successor to the TalkBand B1, the B2 edition again doubles as a fitness wristband and a Bluetooth earpiece.


Huawei Watch pairs traditional design with Android Wear

03/01, 10:58am

The timepiece looks like a traditional wristwatch

Huawei has introduced its flagship Android Wear device, simply known as the Watch. The company has called on traditional timepiece designers to help with industrial design. The result resembles a typical wristwatch, until the display flips from a clock face to an app interface.


MediaTek CrossMount demoed at MWC, new device connectivity protocol

03/01, 10:22am

First devices with the technology available later in 2015

MediaTek today announced CrossMount - a new technology that simplifies hardware and software resource sharing between different consumer devices. Designed to be a new standard in cross-device convergence, the CrossMount framework ensures any compatible device can seamlessly use and share hardware or software resources authorized by the user. CrossMount is an open technology for MediaTek customers and partners.


Swiss venture founded to generate smartwatch reference technology

02/28, 10:49am

Effort pairs Silicon Valley with precision watch manufacturers

Precision watch manufacturers are combining forces to combat Silicon Valley's surge into the space. Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) is a new Swiss joint venture formed by Fullpower Technologies of Silicon Valley and Union Horlogere Holdings. Its declared mission is to bring the MotionX Horological Smartwatch Open Platform to the Swiss watch industry.


Cook: Apple launching full-on assault on wallet-carrying

02/27, 5:16pm

Apple Watch, abilities will expand over time, replace car keys as well

In a new interview with the UK newspaper the Telegraph, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed a few new tidbits about the forthcoming Apple Watch, as well as some of the larger vision behind such innovations as the watch, and Apple Pay, and Touch ID -- an all-out attempt to reduce the ephemera people need to carry with them, from wallets to car keys. In the same report, Cook also confirmed that Apple will "tweak" its retail look to accommodate Apple Watch buyers, who are likely to be even more upscale than average Apple customers.


Weekly Deals: OWC Garage Sale, Rosetta Stone, WD Black 4TB HD

02/27, 12:25pm

Daily deals for Friday February 27, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the time when we search for deals, offers, discounts, and sales on hardware, software, and other technology for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Alongside our usual recap of still-active deals, the new batch of offers include an omnibus deal on Rosetta Stone, a battery case for the iPhone 6, and a heads-up on the OWC garage sale.


Daily Deals: Samsung 4K monitor, Vizio smart TV, Fujifilm bundle

02/26, 1:53pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 26, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the time when we search for deals, offers, discounts, and sales on hardware, software, and other technology for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Alongside our usual recap of still-active deals, the new batch of offers include a 28-inch 4K-resolution monitor, a cheap 42-inch Vizio TV, and a digital camera bundle featuring the Fujifilm FinePix S9250.


LG adds LTE to second Urbane smartwatch, removes Android Wear

02/26, 8:54am

Second LG Watch Urbane will make calls, measure heart rate

Not content with giving its Android Wear smartwatch range a facelift, LG is making a version of its recently-announced premium Watch Urbane that can be used as a standalone device. The Watch Urbane LTE has, as its name suggests, built in cellular connectivity that can let it be used to make and receive calls, all without attaching it to a smartphone.


Apple Watch stars in 12-page Vogue spread; Cook spills details

02/25, 4:31pm

Apple CEO allegedly overheard telling German Apple worker he can shower with it

While the Apple Watch will make its first US cover debut in the March issue of lifestyle and health magazine Self, the US edition of fashion magazine Vogue features a 12-page ad for the Apple Watch in the current March issue -- and a video version of the ad for the iPad edition. The new ads continue Apple's theme of positioning the Apple Watch -- or at least some versions of the forthcoming product -- to the fashion market. As is customary, the print ad features some images of the product at full size.


Daily Deals: MSI gaming notebook, 512GB Crucial SSD, Classic rock

02/25, 2:53pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 25, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the weekday post where we scour the Internet for offers, discounts, and deals on computer hardware, gadgets, games, and other items for you, the glorious MacNN and Electronista reader. A recap follows a selection of new deals, including an MSI GP Series gaming notebook, a 512GB Crucial SSD, and a sale of classic rock on iTunes.


Nyrius ships HDMI Aries Home+, wireless HDMI extender

02/25, 2:28pm

New model allows same content on two screens

Video accessory manufacturer Nyrius has updated the Aries Home+, a wireless HD audio and video transmitter for users in need of a simple and efficient solution for streaming media. Updated with a pair of HDMI inputs and loop-through HDMI, the new Aries Home+ brings pass-through streaming, allowing its receiver to watch the same content that is being displayed on another source.


Kazam reveals MWC launches of six Android, two Windows smartphones

02/25, 9:44am

Smartphones joined by trio of Kazam Windows tablets

British smartphone producer Kazam has introduced a number of new devices ahead of next week's Mobile World Congress. The Trooper range of Android smartphones has been bolstered with six new models, with the company also preparing to show off three Windows tablets and two Windows Phone devices at the Barcelona-based tradeshow.


Sony leaks Xperia Z4 Tablet in official app before launch next week

02/24, 8:44pm

Pre-Mobile World Congress leak confirms 2K display for Sony tablet

Sony has accidentally revealed one of its Mobile World Congress Xperia launches a week before it was supposed to. The company's official Xperia Lounge app briefly showed an image of the Xperia Z4 Tablet, before being pulled from view, and though few details have been revealed in the leak, it appears the tablet may end up being a high-specification device.


Daily Deals: Logitech remote, Roku Streaming Stick, Macbook Pro

02/24, 2:09pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 24, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where we find the best discounts and offers on hardware and software for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Alongside a recap of still-active deals featured yesterday, we are adding more deals, including money off the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Remote Control, the Roku Streaming Stick, and the Macbook Pro.


Pebble Time launches on Kickstarter with color screen, microphone

02/24, 11:55am

Successor to Pebble smartwatch uses new timeline interface

Pebble has unveiled its second generation of smartwatch, the Pebble Time, as a wearable device featuring an upgraded color e-paper display. Repeating what the company did for the original Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble Time is being made available through Kickstarter, with the crowdfunding campaign exceeding its goal barely after it launched.


Swann unveils 1080p wide-field DriveEye Ultra dashboard camera

02/24, 10:08am

Accident automatically detected, relevant footage locked on camera

Do-it-yourself security monitoring company Swann has introduced the ultra-compact DriveEye Ultra, a portable 1080p HD dashboard vehicle recorder. The camera can be dash-mounted, but isn't limited to car installations, as it can be taken outside the vehicle as an on-the-go action camera.


Microsoft Band gains on-screen keyboard, cycling tile, SDK

02/23, 8:02pm

Cycling tile added to Microsoft band, more exercise tiles incoming

The first update for the Microsoft Band will introduce new tools for users and developers, as the company tries to improve its standing in the fitness-tracking market. A tile for monitoring cycling, improved communications between the band and mobile apps, and an on-screen keyboard are joined by Microsoft's preview release of an SDK, giving developers a hint at what they could do with the wearable device.


Daily Deals: JLab earbuds, LG WebOS TV, Xbox One bundle

02/23, 1:44pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 23, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, where we search the Internet for offers and discounts on hardware, gadgets, and software for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Since it is the start of a new week, we have wiped the slate clean of older deals, with the new items including a 65-inch WebOS TV from LG, JLab earbuds, and an Xbox One bundle.


Briefly: Pebble announcement countdown, Google Now fuel cards

02/22, 8:50am

Pebble website counts down to possible hardware announcement

Pebble has updated its website with a countdown timer to an unknown event, with the timer set to run out on Tuesday morning. Expected to be another device announcement, sources of 9to5mac claim it will be a major update featuring a color e-paper display and a thinner case design, complete with a microphone for voice recognition and a backlight. Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky has previously suggested there would be some changes to the smartwatch's software, with a new "interaction model," but the CEO kept quiet when asked about hardware changes.


B&O Play launches Beolit 15 premium Bluetooth speaker

02/20, 10:30am

Aluminum-clad speaker pushes 250W, battery lasts up to 24 hours

Yesterday, B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen unveiled the Beolit 15 -- a portable Bluetooth speaker with "True360 omni-directional sound, up to 24 hours of continuous playtime from a single battery charge, the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, and premium quality materials such as anodized aluminum and full grain leather," according to the company.


Daily Deals: Klipsch speaker, Brother laser printer, Vizio 48-inch TV

02/19, 1:37pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 19, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the weekday post where we find the best online deals on hardware and software for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Aside from a recap of still-active deals, the new deals added today include a portable wireless speaker from Klipsch, a wireless laser printer from Brother, and a Vizio 48-inch HDTV.


First US magazine appearance of Apple Watch debuts

02/18, 7:18pm

March issue of Self features supermodel Candice Swanepoel wearing device

Four months after the Apple Watch first appeared on a Vogue China magazine cover, the March issue of health and lifestyle magazine Self will feature the device on the arm of supermodel Candice Swanepoel just a few weeks before the expected debut of the device, which will start in the $349 range (presumably for the fitness-oriented version featured on the cover), moving into the multiple thousands of dollars for the 18kt solid gold version.


Daily Deals: Mac mini, Qnap NAS, Audio-Technica headphones

02/18, 1:13pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 18, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, where we search for low-cost gadgets and tech for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. As usual, we are recapping still-active deals from earlier this week, but on top of those, look out for a cut-price Mac mini, $75 off a two-bay SOHO NAS server from Qnap, and some Audio-Technica studio headphones at almost half price.


Facebook confirms development of virtual reality apps

02/18, 8:58am

VR Facebook experience being worked on by social network

Facebook is working on apps that will work with virtual reality devices, the social network has confirmed. Capitalizing on its $2 billion acquisition on virtual reality headset producer Oculus VR, the company is apparently producing apps, not just for the consumption of VR content, but also allowing people to easily make and share content for VR systems.


Sony opens up preorders for developer edition of SmartEyeglass

02/17, 2:32pm

SmartEyeglass headset shipping in march, costs $840

Sony is continuing where the Google Glass headset left off, by putting its own augmented reality headset on sale. The developer edition, model number SED-E1, of SmartEyeglass has become open to pre-order in the United Kingdom and Germany with sales in Japan the United States, and six other countries coming soon, with Sony expecting to ship the $840 head-mounted device in March.


Daily Deals: HP Pavilion display, Beyerdynamic headphones, label maker

02/17, 12:33pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for February 17, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where cut-price hardware and discounted technology offered online is gathered for you, the eagle-eyed MacNN and Electronista reader. Along with a recap of yesterday's deals, today's new offers include a 27-inch 1080p IPS display from HP, 38 percent off professional headphones from Beyerdynamic, and a Brother label maker for just $10.


Hands On: Kitsound Pocket Hive Bluetooth Speaker

02/17, 8:36am

Make a loud noise for this small speaker

The Kitsound Pocket Hive Bluetooth Speaker has a hive-like hexagonal design -- the UK makers of the device cannot seem to resist making every bee pun you can think of in their documentation, and on their website. Yet they seem to have missed one very apposite British phrase: this Pocket Hive speaker is the bee's knees.



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