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11/01 - 02:19am AAPL closes week on all-time high ahead of dividends payout
11/01 - 12:23am Apple facing India lawsuit over similar 'iFon' trademark
10/31 - 11:19pm Hands On: Facetune (iOS and Android)
10/31 - 11:08pm HP, Michael Bastian unveil MB Chronowing designer smartwatch
10/31 - 08:56pm Giveaway: Trick or Treat! Win a set of A-Audio: Elite HD Earphones
10/31 - 08:09pm Samsung seeking to break patent deal with Microsoft over Nokia buy
10/31 - 07:10pm Hands On: Surgeon Simulator (iOS)
10/31 - 06:10pm FCC chief considering 'hybrid' partial Title II oversight of ISPs
10/31 - 06:06pm Virginia judge rules police can unlock smartphones with fingerprints
10/31 - 05:53pm Giveaway: Trick or Treat! Win one of 10 "Haunted" app codes!
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