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12/17 - 11:40pm Microsoft hits 1.5 million total Windows 10 'Insiders'
12/17 - 10:07pm Hands On: SuperSync (OS X, Windows)
12/17 - 09:36pm Uber announces 'greater investment' in screening, safety standards
12/17 - 08:01pm Sprint facing fines for charging customers for unwanted services
12/17 - 07:04pm Breaking: US reverses, to say North Korea behind Sony hack tomorrow
12/17 - 06:32pm Jobs' deposition in Apple-Real trial to remain private
12/17 - 05:30pm New Windows ransomware strain replicates like a virus
12/17 - 04:42pm Threats issued by Sony hackers against 'The Interview' viewers [u]
12/17 - 04:10pm Briefly: Fleksy Keyboard 5.0, Booqpad for iPad Air 2
12/17 - 04:03pm Apple seeds Safari 8.0.3, 7.1.3, and 6.2.3 betas to developers
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