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10/21 - 12:27am Apple launches mini-site promoting Swift programming language
10/20 - 11:31pm Apple Pay to be used at both 2014 World Series stadiums
10/20 - 10:45pm Review: Plantronics Rig Surround 7.1 headset
10/20 - 09:30pm CEO recaps growth report, praises employees in company memo
10/20 - 07:34pm Giveaway: win one of five copies of Printworks
10/20 - 07:33pm Hands On: Printworks (OS X)
10/20 - 07:05pm IBM pays GlobalFoundries $1.5B to take chip business off its hands
10/20 - 06:46pm Yosemite uploads location, search data to Apple via Spotlight
10/20 - 06:29pm Apple breaks all-time Mac sales record over summer
10/20 - 05:35pm Fitbit shares findings on allergic reaction to Force, adding warning
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