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10/20 - 05:35pm Fitbit shares findings on allergic reaction to Force, adding warning
10/20 - 05:26pm Apple Q4 breakdown details hits to iPad, iPod numbers
10/20 - 04:53pm Apple pulls in $42.12 billion in Q4 revenues, driven by iPhone 6
10/20 - 04:24pm All iOS apps must support 64-bit code as of February, Apple says
10/20 - 03:57pm Google gets FCC approval for Nexus Player, back on pre-order
10/20 - 03:52pm OnePlus One pre-orders open for one-hour window on October 27
10/20 - 03:19pm Apple Store, other iOS apps update with support for Apple Pay
10/20 - 02:49pm Microsoft updates Skype for Windows Phone, adds drawing tool
10/20 - 01:57pm Obama signs BuySecure executive order to hasten US EMV adoption
10/20 - 01:38pm UK government threatens Internet trolls with two years in prison
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