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08/27 - 01:07am Minnesota set to deploy 40,000 iPads to students
08/26 - 11:00pm Briefly: iAd changes, TrueTone camera flash redesign for iPhone?
08/26 - 08:30pm Briefly: T-Mobile iPhone sale, Otterbox exploring buyout
08/26 - 07:19pm Report estimates Amazon has sold fewer than 35,000 Fire Phones
08/26 - 07:02pm Automattic strengthens WordPress with BruteProtect acquisition
08/26 - 06:19pm USA Today iOS app reveals future CarPlay compatibility update
08/26 - 06:07pm Google acquires visual effects cloud rendering company Zync Render
08/26 - 05:10pm Uber testing 10-minute food delivery service UberFresh in California
08/26 - 05:07pm Briefly: Watch ABC iOS app adds AirPlay, BitTorrent Sync 1.4
08/26 - 05:04pm Slumping iPad sales a 'speed bump,' according to Cook
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