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04/18 - 10:42pm Nike fires entire wearables division, cuts planned FuelBand revision
04/18 - 10:20pm Briefly: PS Store Flash Sale, AT&T updates GoPhone plan
04/18 - 09:02pm Apple now offering unclaimed WWDC tickets to developers
04/18 - 07:14pm Apple adds 3D Flyovers of San Francisco East Bay, Berkeley to Maps app
04/18 - 03:41pm Review: Booqpad for iPad Air
04/18 - 02:41pm Samsung details premium subscription for Milk Music service
04/18 - 02:02pm Briefly: VLC 2.3.0 for iOS, DevonTechnologies' updates
04/18 - 01:14pm Plaintiffs ask to use Steve Jobs evidence in anti-poaching lawsuit
04/18 - 12:33pm Hands On: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 5
04/18 - 12:05pm Photos depict alleged front panel for second-generation iPad Air
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