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10/23 - 09:39am Windows Update driver bricks counterfeit FTDI USB-to-serial chips
10/23 - 09:31am Apple to open 25 new Chinese stores in two years, says Cook
10/23 - 08:47am Microsoft releases three apps for Android, Android Wear on Google Play
10/23 - 06:50am Amazon ships Fire TV in United Kingdom, Germany due on October 25
10/22 - 11:59pm Briefly: Fantastical 2 update, Yahoo Mail adds new notification types
10/22 - 11:55pm Apple to drop support of SSL 3.0 due to POODLE vulnerability
10/22 - 10:58pm Japanese man arrested for 3D printing guns gets two years in prison
10/22 - 10:10pm Tim Cook posts photo from latest China visit
10/22 - 09:32pm Twitter introduces Digits, a new way to log into applications
10/22 - 09:09pm Apple found not guilty of infringing on expired GPNE patents
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