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09/18 - 07:35pm Briefly: Fortune's Most Powerful Women in Business, WSJ iOS 8 app
09/18 - 06:28pm Giveaway: Pearl Mountain PicGIF and VideoGIF for everyone!
09/18 - 06:08pm App Store introduces app bundles, sales as part of iOS 8 rollout
09/18 - 05:40pm Briefly: Tylt iPhone 6 Energi case, protector, Booq Taipan shock bag
09/18 - 04:28pm Briefly: Tesoro Shrike mouse update, New Lian Li case options
09/18 - 04:25pm Apple Watch believed to use Broadcom BCM4334 Wi-Fi
09/18 - 04:20pm Larry Ellison steps down as CEO of Oracle, retains board chairman spot
09/18 - 03:42pm Virtually 'no chance' of finding iPhone 6 Plus at retail on Friday
09/18 - 03:33pm Microsoft sheds 2,100 jobs in second wave of employee layoffs
09/18 - 03:10pm Apple 'warrant canary' gone from transparency report
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