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10/21 - 05:22pm Briefly: Alpine Headphones, iDevices iShower2
10/21 - 04:20pm Apple says it's aware of Chinese iCloud hijacks, servers not affected
10/21 - 04:11pm Briefly: Civilization Beyond Earth data, Total War: Shogun 2 expansion
10/21 - 03:56pm Microsoft confirms shift away from Nokia, new brand debuts in France
10/21 - 03:49pm Apple Pay loyalty program may be coming in time for holidays
10/21 - 03:47pm Windows 10 Preview updated, gives options for patch frequency
10/21 - 03:17pm Producer, co-creator of Assassin's Creed leaves Ubisoft Toronto
10/21 - 03:06pm Review: Kenu Airframe Plus
10/21 - 02:44pm Apple begins shipping early preorders for iPad Air 2, Mini 3
10/21 - 02:32pm Extensis releases Suitcase Fusion 6, with Yosemite compatibility
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