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08/20 - 12:22pm ZTE Nubia 5S mini LTE heads to United States with IGZO display
08/20 - 12:20pm Verizon allegedly evaluating return to Android app market
08/20 - 12:12pm iPad claims 134 out of 135 spots on EPEAT tablet registry
08/20 - 11:26am Sandisk launches value-oriented Ultra II SSD with TLC media
08/20 - 10:54am Uber launches API enabling third-party app integration
08/20 - 10:48am Barnes & Noble puts Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook on sale
08/20 - 09:58am UAE Apple Store to be 'biggest in the world,' source claims
08/20 - 09:53am Netflix signs interconnectivity deal with Time Warner Cable
08/20 - 09:19am LG takes on Sonos with Music Flow wireless multi-room audio system
08/20 - 09:09am Final Cut updates to 10.1.3, gets matching Motion, Compressor patches
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