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07/29 - 12:48pm Chen's BlackBerry acquires German security firm Secusmart
07/29 - 12:35pm Trouble at TPK may hint at iWatch production issues
07/29 - 12:04pm MOTU ships trio of Thunderbolt audio interfaces, AVB Ethernet switch
07/29 - 12:02pm LG commences pre-orders for 105-inch curved Ultra HD television
07/29 - 11:59am UK police at all traffic accidents seizing cellphones, seeking fault
07/29 - 11:23am CNBC, Fox Now added to US Apple TV lineup
07/29 - 10:49am Microsoft opens pre-orders for Sharks Cove Windows development board
07/29 - 10:35am Briefly: Total War: Shogun 2, SilhouetteFX 5.2
07/29 - 10:27am Refurbished Retina MacBook Pros drop below $1,000 mark
07/29 - 10:19am China regulators launch anti-trust investigation against Microsoft
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