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04/18 - 11:07am Analysts call for year-over-year decline in iPad sales
04/18 - 10:23am Microsoft sells 5M Xbox One consoles, Sony hits 7M PlayStation 4 sales
04/18 - 09:56am Rockstar Consortium denied motion to transfer Google case to Texas
04/18 - 07:58am Google rumored to work with MediaTek for budget Nexus smartphone
04/18 - 06:36am HTC explores optical zooming for cameras in 2015 smartphones
04/18 - 05:48am Briefly: Rogers 700MHz LTE rolls out, Toshiba UHS-II microSD cards
04/18 - 01:57am Pandora hit by new copyright lawuits over songs from pre-1972
04/17 - 11:53pm Briefly: Ubuntu tablets to run Ubuntu 14.04, Notegraphy for Android
04/17 - 11:34pm Briefly: Facebook 9.0 for iOS, cross-platform Farmville 2
04/17 - 10:53pm Analysts: Low iPhone growth now, but good times ahead in 2014
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