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01/30 - 10:17am TUAW, Joystiq to close and fold into Engadget
01/30 - 09:57am Jay Z looks to join streaming music industry by acquiring Aspiro
01/30 - 07:32am Briefly: RunKeeper adds Spotify, Nickelodeon streaming service inbound
01/30 - 06:28am Jolla Tablet returns to crowdfunding with 64GB storage capacity
01/30 - 04:29am Hands On: Mail Designer 2 and Mail Designer Pro 2 (OS X)
01/30 - 02:52am Data caps and preferred traffic get shot down in Canadian ruling
01/30 - 02:00am Repatriation bill offers tax break for US return of foreign profits
01/30 - 01:17am CIRP: majority of Android switchers are outside US
01/29 - 10:32pm WSJ: Microsoft may make investment in Android ROM producer Cyanogen
01/29 - 08:26pm Apple updates iTunes to version 12.1, adds Notification widget
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