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09/23 - 09:55am Comcast to FCC: plenty of competition, no reason to block TWC merger
09/23 - 09:45am Official Apple stats put iOS 8 adoption at 46 percent of devices
09/23 - 09:35am Vizio opens pre-orders for P-Series Ultra HD televisions
09/23 - 08:12am Sony reportedly minimizing low-end smartphone production
09/23 - 06:42am Briefly: Google Now flight price cards, Instagram advertising in UK
09/23 - 05:50am UPS Store expands 3D printing services to nearly 100 locations
09/23 - 01:55am New iPhone 6 models best the competition, analysis sites say
09/22 - 11:52pm Sprint calls iPhone 6 launch 'most successful in history'
09/22 - 09:40pm Hands on: Bungie's Destiny for Xbox 360
09/22 - 09:38pm New iOS 8 hits 30 percent adoption, iPhone 6 outselling 6 Plus
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