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04/17 - 06:15pm FCC limiting 2015 AT&T, Verizon bandwidth auction purchases
04/17 - 03:39pm Google invites potential users to try Glass hardware at home
04/17 - 03:27pm Facebook to roll out Nearby Friends option for iOS, Android apps
04/17 - 03:18pm Google launching test of fiber Internet for business in Kansas City
04/17 - 02:17pm Issues with XP Microsoft Security Essentials causing crashes, slowness
04/17 - 01:55pm Dropbox buys out Loom photo service, Hackpad collaboration tool
04/17 - 01:41pm Briefly: Chromecast gains MLB.TV broadcasts, live YouTube
04/17 - 01:24pm Briefly: RunKeeper's new Breeze app, Beamer 2.0
04/17 - 12:24pm Apple online store begins carrying refurbished Retina iPad minis
04/17 - 11:50am Sonos plans software update to make speaker system completely wireless
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