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12/18 - 10:22am Job listing points to global Apple Pay growth, starting in Europe [u]
12/18 - 09:25am Hands On: Moxie 2 (iOS)
12/18 - 09:13am Apple to charge VAT per-country at European App Stores
12/18 - 08:52am UK carriers agree to £5B investment to improve mobile phone networks
12/18 - 07:44am Hands On: Mazec – Handwriting Input Method (iOS)
12/18 - 07:09am ICANN servers accessed following 'spear phishing' attack
12/18 - 06:16am Briefly: Colbert Report in Street View, Netflix on Dish Hopper DVR
12/18 - 02:10am Review: Dell AD211 Bluetooth speaker
12/18 - 01:39am Android Lollipop will get an update in Q1 of 2015
12/18 - 01:24am Tim Cook: Apple World AIDS Day campaign raised $20 million
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