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04/24 - 03:15pm Head of Google+ Vic Gundotra announces departure from Google
04/24 - 02:57pm Trademark filings hint at possible future names for OS X
04/24 - 01:45pm Briefly: Opera Coast for iPhone, Prong PWR iPhone case
04/24 - 01:37pm Russian President Vladimir Putin calls Internet 'CIA project'
04/24 - 01:19pm Apple CEO Tim Cook auctions off lunch date for charity
04/24 - 01:16pm Industry bigwigs launch OpenSSL-fixing Core Infrastructure Initiative
04/24 - 01:15pm Samsung Galaxy Beam2 launches in China with improved projector
04/24 - 12:54pm Hands-on: Logitech Hinge and Turnaround cases for iPad Air
04/24 - 12:05pm Apple tops 2014 JD Power rankings for smartphone satisfaction
04/24 - 11:40am Sony announces Vaio Fit repairs for battery fault will begin in May
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