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01/25 - 09:02am Hands On: Alfred 2 (OS X)
01/24 - 02:20pm Hands On: iWatermark+ (OS X, iOS, Android, Windows)
01/24 - 02:03pm WalMart ships Vudu Spark video streaming HDMI dongle
01/24 - 01:21pm Google Fiber's expansion pegged to be Research Triangle, NC
01/24 - 12:40pm Hands On: Jumping Finn Turbo (iOS)
01/24 - 11:41am FTC: Dish Network liable for 57 million illicit telemarketing calls
01/24 - 11:15am FiOS expansion essentially over, Verizon CEO declares
01/24 - 10:39am High-Rely NetSwap Mini+E NAS brings core i3, block-level encryption
01/24 - 09:59am MO lawmaker proposes requiring ID for Google Wallet, Apple Pay sales
01/24 - 09:26am Hands On: Kaspersky Internet Security (OS X)
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