Apple Sept 1 Music Event : September 01, 2010
Apple's annual music event to introduce new iPod and iTunes updates.
12:45 - Apple is starting to let guests in, but as is often the case, it may start the show late.
12:49 - The auditorium is playing a cover of the Beatles' "We Can Work It Out" -- not likely a clue in itself.
12:54 - Not surprisingly, Woz is in attendance.
12:57 - Mostly full at this point; Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall are in the area, so iTunes features and iOS apps are likely in store.
1:00 - Apple is nearly ready to go.
1:01 - Jobs is onstage.
1:01 - Jobs introduces his "partner in crime," Woz.
1:02 - Some really cool things to show you this morning. Update of Apple retail: showing the Opera store in France. Beautiful old building.
1:03 - Pointing out the Shanghai story: 40-foot high curved glass, a landmark in engineering.
1:04 - Next: the Covent Garden store. Lots of restoration, but old and the new work beautifully. Running theme of the retail intro: "and here it is with people in it."
1:05 - In 10 countries now. Soon to open in Spain (already confirmed earlier). Several days a month where 1 million people visit Apple stores.
1:05 - Over 80K One-to-One training sessions; more than half of Mac buyers are new to it.
1:07 - Next: iOS. A revolution in touch and apps. Over 120 million devices shipped since 2007. Jobs takes a BIG shot at Google: Apple is activating 230,000 *new* iOS devices every day, and that doesn't include updates, like "friends" (Android) do every day.
1:08 - 200 apps downloaded every second; 25,000 iPad apps.
1:08 - iOS 4.1 introduced: fixes the proximity sensor, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G slowdowns.
1:09 - Adds HDR photo support, HD video uploading over Wi-Fi. TV show rentals! Game Center now public.
1:10 - Jobs explains HDR photos; it uses 3 shots at different exposures and composites them. Much like newer dedicated cameras. Regular and HDR images are kept. Cures blown highlights and overly dark shadows.
1:11 - Game Center allows friend challenges, auto matching ("if you don't have any friends), compare scores.
1:12 - Epic Games is making a title to use Game Center: Mike Capps on stage. First game from Epic for iOS.
1:14 - Codename: Project Sword. Take down the legendary God King in a medieval 3D world with sword battles. Levels of detail you wouldn't expect in a mobile device. Achievements, leaderboards and more.
1:15 - Has normal mapping and other levels of detail you wouldn't expect in a game. Matches players up against each other. An example battle shows a very fast fighter taking down a slow but powerful fighter.
1:15 - Project Sword will be out for the holidays on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
1:16 - iOS 4.1 arrives next week for iPhone and iPod touch next week.
1:16 - Sneak peek at iOS 4.2; arrives a little later this year. Brings everything from iOS 4.1 to iPad, including HDR photos (!?). Wireless printing support. New feature called AirPlay.
1:19 - An example of printing in Pages: you have a print dialog and the option of choosing which printer to use. Shows the multitask toolbar; just like iPhone, but it now has a print queue manager.
1:20 - AirPlay is broadcasting audio, video and more over the local network. Demo: shows multitasking and folders. Very simple, works the same as on the iPhone. Free update in November for iPad, iPhone and iPod.
1:21 - Next up: iPods. Apple has sold 275 million iPods to date. The intro is considered the "entree" for the day.
1:21 - Although Apple has high market share, it doesn't want to rest on its laurels. This year, we've gone wild. All-new designs for every model!
1:23 - First: iPod shuffle. Based on the idea of a beautiful way to play music without needing a screen. Third-gen was great, but people missed the buttons even if they liked VoiceOver. Fourth-gen shuffle fixes that.
1:24 - Even smaller than before -- brings the buttons back, but it's even smaller. Playlists, Genius mixes (new) and VoiceOver. 15 hours of battery life. Five colors, $49.
1:27 - How to make it better? Make it smaller. To do that, we made it touchscreen, and multi-touch. Very small, super easy to use. Has a clip on it too. 46% smaller, 42% lighter.
1:30 - Shows the new UI; tailored just for the screen. Looks much like a larger device's UI and has tools like a clock and the other expected features. Swipe left or right to go up and down the menus. Buttons for specific categories like FM radio, podcasts or artists, as well as Fitness.
1:30 - Neat trick: pinch to rotate the orientation depending on your view.
1:31 - New colors, including Project RED and graphite. $149 for 8GB, $179 for 16GB.
1:32 - iPod touch: not only the most popular iPod, but the most popular game console; over 50% worldwide market share for game consoles. (More popular than PSP and DS combined). Over 1.5 billion game downloads just to iPod touch alone.
1:34 - New model is even thinner. Retina display: 960x640, 24-bit color IPS panel.
1:34 - A4 chip, gyroscope, front camera for FaceTime, rear camera as well. 40 hours of music.
1:35 - Edit videos right on the iPod, including with iMovie. You can FaceTime chat between iPods and iPhones.
1:36 - 8GB $229, 32GB #299, 64GB for $399. No mention of iPod classic; dead, or new? All models ship next week.
1:38 - Apple runs an iPod nano ad using Cake's "Short Skirt, Long Jacket." iPod touch ad with games, including Street Fighter 4.
1:40 - Now launching iTunes 10: since Apple is surpassing CD sales next year, here's the new logo, which ditches CDs.
1:40 - New list view takes 5 or more songs from the same album and groups them together with album art.
1:41 - Big issue: discovery. What are friends listening to? What are artists doing? What concerts are friends going to? How do we share features with friends?
1:41 - New feature: Ping. Social network for music. Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes.
1:44 - Ping is built into iTunes. Shows all your recent activity. Lets you track artists, find people to add as friends. Artist pages have concerts, favorite songs, option to follow. Friend pages have similar settings (minus concerts).
1:45 - You can limit how many people can follow you, and create a circle of friends that posts one piece of information for everyone. As private or public as you want.
1:45 - Ping is available immediately for 160 million iTunes users. 17,000 concert listings.
1:48 - Demo of iTunes 10 with the list view (Hybrid view). In Ping, you can comment on updates, preview songs as they become available. Shows the ability to play videos, including non-commercial ones posted by the artists (Lady Gaga as an example).
1:49 - You can mark yourself as visiting a concert; Jobs uses Tegan & Sara as an example.
1:51 - Also for iPhone and iPod; the iTunes Store will have a Ping section built-in to get your feeds. iTunes 10 is available today.
1:51 - One more thing...
1:52 - Apple TV. Not a big hit, but users love them.
1:53 - People want: Hollywood movies, not amateur hour. Everything in HD. Lower prices. Don't want a computer. Don't want to have to manage storage.
1:53 - People don't want to have to sync. Most haven't even figured out what that is. They also want silent, cool and small.
1:56 - A quarter the size. Power, HDMI, Ethernet - no component. Palm of your hand in size. Just rentals. You stream from your computer; no syncing required.
1:58 - HD first-run rentals now just $5, less over time; TV shows as rentals are 99 cents, not $3 to purchase. ABC and Fox onboard.
2:00 - Supports Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe. Same UI as on the previous Apple TV. Now has Rotten Tomatoes rankings.
2:00 - Netflix is embedded into the UI; Internet radio and podcasts are still there.
2:03 - Demo shows browsing the store, checking Rotten Tomatoes rankings and browsing the store. Very good quality.
2:04 - In TV shows, it will have favorites and put a badge to show you how many episodes you haven't seen yet.
2:05 - Shows Netflix. By far the easiest to use implementation, Jobs said.
2:06 - Photo demo: new slideshow with reflected photos on a white background.
2:07 - AirPlay works with the Apple TV; you can play video from an iPad or other iOS device directly to the TV. Just uses a button in the video playback space.
2:09 - Bundles with the newer Apple remote. Canada, France, US, UK, Australia content available now, more later this year. Price is as expected: $99. Pre-orders today, shipments at the end of the month.
2:10 - Recap: new iPods. Strongest lineup we've ever had. iTunes 10 with Ping.
2:11 - Lastly, iOS: 4.1 with HDR photos and Game Center, and the new Apple TV.
2:12 - Jobs reiterates that "we really love music." When we have these events, we have people perform to remind us of why we do this.
2:12 - Coldplay is performing!
2:13 - Looks like just a Chris Martin solo set.
2:16 - Martin jokes that the rest of the band didn't show because it was "lazy." Plays "Yellow" on the piano.
2:17 - We're going to keep following, but looks like we're wrapped up.
2:19 - Martin jokes about "Viva la Vida;" label thought it wasn't a hit single, but when it hit iTunes it became a big track. "Proof your marketing people can sell anything."
2:26 - Martin asks if Jobs is around to tell him what to do. Jobs pipes up: "keep going!" Martin makes jokes about a product intro, with "seven different types of chord." Jonathan Ive has designed a new chord, the "iMinor." Plays a new song named "Wedding Bells."
2:29 - Show ended. Thanks for following along.
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