Nokia At CES 2012 : January 09, 2012
Nokia unveils its 4G LTE Windows Phone for the US and the world.
5:54 - Waiting for the event to start: Bjork and Radiohead have been on the speakers, very different from the usual keynote.
5:59 - They've noted that the event is about to start; most such events run a little bit late.
6:04 - VP of comms Susan Sheehan up. Stephen Elop up. Going back through history: reinventing the company's strategy. Bumping up research and bringing innovation. Asha 200, 201, 300, 303 -- all very well-received.
6:05 - Second half of the strategy: Windows Phone. Lumia is the quickest way to connect with your friends: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
6:06 - Extras like Nokia Drive and Music. Expanding sales of the Lumia 710 to T-Mobile on January 11.
6:06 - Over 150 million Americans still have yet to jump to smartphones. $50 is a great price for this.
6:07 - Establishing beachheads in the "war of ecosystems" (vs. individual devices). Much more we can do in this battle, especially in North America. Every market has very specific needs.
6:12 - Introducing the Nokia Lumia 900. Built for North America: black and cyan. 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display. 4G LTE. 1,830mAh battery. Carl Zeiss f2.2 optics. Front-facing camera with wide aperture and wide angles.
6:18 - 1.4GHz processor. Custom-designed camera sensor, not off the shelf. Shows an example of the wide angle lens effect: at 28mm focal length, it can capture everyone at a dinner table. f2.4 front camera also makes for including friends, like Elop.
6:20 - Reviewing Windows Phone features like the built-in people hub. Working with CNN, Univision, and others on exclusive content for Nokia phones. EA bringing 20 games to the Lumia line first. Sesame Street and others coming, too.
6:22 - Steve Ballmer is onstage. Talking about the history of the Nokia partnership. Very differentiated point of view. Nokia got off to a fast start; the contract wasn't even signed less than a year ago. Real engineering to delivery very quickly.
6:23 - 4G LTE is "absolutely critical" to the market. "Mmm, the look and feel," Ballmer says of the Lumia 900. [note: it's polycarbonate, much like the Lumia 800]
6:24 - Look forward to exciting a lot of new customers, Ballmer says before he walks off.
6:27 - AT&T's Ralph de la Vega comes up (he was at the Dev Summit earlier). He sees a bright future and thinks Nokia is making a comeback. Will have black and cyan models of the Lumia 900 in the "coming months."
6:28 - Q&A time: any plans to expand to Verizon with LTE? Today, we're just focusing on AT&T. No additional announcement today. Hope to reach as many as we can in the North American market.
6:30 - How do you make sure the Nokia Lumia 900 stands out? Elop: the product itself has to stand out first. Have to make sure that a young sales staffer recommends it, too.
6:31 - How do you curb fragmentation? Focusing on it relative to other platforms. Try to strike a balance: don't want to fracture the ecosystem. Don't want to introduce APIs that are different than on another Windows Phone. Seeing some early effects, working to avoid that.
6:32 - Pricing and Lumia sales results? Want to go in "aggressively." Don't want to talk sales results since we're in a quiet financial period. Proud that we've begun the process of launching, shifting to sales and market focus.
6:33 - How soon will we see low-end Windows Phones for markets like China? Want to broaden our price coverage in both directions. We've gone "up" with the Lumia 900, but want to go down, too. Will see us aggressively push down to cover a broader range of devices. No specific dates. Lots still ahead.
6:34 - On capacity (16GB/32GB), no plans to comment on that, but certainly considering requirements.
6:35 - What about other international markets and early adopters who aren't getting it through the carrier channel? We'll be going aggressively, market by market. Do plan broad coverage. A great deal of that work will happen in 2012. Lots more to come. Supplementing carriers with direct distribution, like Amazon.
6:36 - Where does Drive content come from? NAVTEQ is the short answer, Elop says, but more will come from that location-based asset than just mapping.
6:37 - Considerations for tablet market? Similar to smartphones: optics, software, design, etc. If there's a combination of that which can differentiate, that's an opportunity for Nokia.
6:39 - How do you communicate that you don't necessarily need quad-core for swift performance? Are you concerned about 4G LTE power requirements? Quad-core doesn't mean quad performance. Windows Phone's got a great experience, but it doesn't require much [to work]. Can show people how their lives are impacted. Other OSes spend much of their time just on the OS.
6:39 - On the battery and LTE: 1,830 mAh means it will be "very superior." We've benefited from that experience.
6:40 - Why no NFC? As we've pursued the very first devices, we had to make priority decisions. What features would have the most compelling impact on the market? It's something we'll do over time.
6:41 - On Nokia/RIM rumors? No information at all about that [because it's a rumor]. What we've got is a very effective set of tools to compete.
6:43 - Thanks for coming; It's a new dawn for Nokia.
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