Sony At CES 2012 : January 09, 2012
Sony unveils its 2012 devices at CES 2012.
8:00 - Event is starting; running a montage that will outline Sony's vision for the year.
8:01 - PS Vita, PS3, cameras, and phones run through the clip.
8:04 - Sir Howard Stringer comes onstage. Thinks the video embodies everything; Sony brings entertainment to more anywhere else. Sony Entertainment Network will bring content to everyone. Entering a world we never knew about before.
8:06 - Hints at Sony gaming news, Tablet P launch. Tablet S has been very well received so far.
8:08 - Kaz Hirai up: now in the world of tablets. People now use multiple devices. TVs, PCs, smartphones. We give people new ways to get exclusive content through a common platform.
8:09 - Talking Sony Entertainment Network. Global, comprehensive services available with one common ID and wallet (read: like Apple).
8:11 - Sony often gets movies a month before other services [i.e. Netflix]. Convenience and a simple, better experience. Music Unlimited also an example. Unified experience, including PS3, Android, Walkman, more.
8:13 - Showing the variety of devices that will work with it. Don't need to add songs to each device. Library syncs across everything.
8:14 - Can create an artist channel that bases songs around that artist or ones like them. [i.e. like Slacker]
8:18 - PS Vita will have Music Unlimited from the start. Introducing PlayMemories Online: cloud photo sharing service. PlayMemories Home works on the desktop, and PlayStation Mobile on Android. PlayMemories Studio is a new PS3 app.
8:20 - 6.5m consoles sold during the holidays worldwide. Netflix will come on the PS Vita, possibly on day one (February 22).
8:21 - Acquisition of Sony Ericsson changes it to Sony Mobile Communications. Will be a big help for selling in North America.
8:23 - Sony phones capture any moment and share it on other devices. Sony Xperia Ion rccap: LTE, HD display, 12-megapixel camera that's very fast. Exclusive to AT&T for the spring.
8:27 - Xperia S: a close variant coming worldwide in March. TV line will include an expanded Google TV line. Bravia TV line is expanding with better quality. X-Reality Pro picture engine restores real-world information to reduce noise and recreates the details. YouTube videos look worthy of the set. New feature: X-Reality 3D. 2.5 ounce 3D glasses made of titanium, half as heavy as rival models.
8:30 - Hirai has made a group within the company to focus on a combination of devices [the ecosystem] to improve the experience.
8:32 - Phil Molyneux on cameras: introducing Balanced Optical SteadyShot. More advanced, even if you're very shaky. Camcorders with built-in projectors: up to 100 inches from the wall. No need for something else to share video. Smaller, lighter camcorders.
8:35 - New Bloggie Live is the first with Wi-Fi live streaming in HD. Can upload movies directly online. On the NEX-7: rave reviews. Tight supply [due to floods], but they're now shipping.
8:36 - Tablet P recap. Audio: has always been made for music lovers. Walkman Z series coming to the US. Android with Wi-Fi. LCD has a phenomenal experience with either HDMI out or the same "throw" as on the Tablet S or P with DLNA.
8:39 - Balanced Armature headphones; more elegant noise-cancelling headphones. Teaming with Ford to integrate into the new Fusion. Long-term global deal.
8:40 - Sony is going into 4K: already has projectors (VW series) and the F65 camera. Only Sony has end-to-end 4K.
8:41 - Bringing the existing 4K projector, but now in the home. Used the word "first" a lot.
8:44 - Trying to debunk end of 3D movies: $6b in 3D movie revenue worldwide last year, and it "only climbs." Previewing Men In Black 3 in 3D.
8:47 - Will Smith and MIB3's director on stage, talking about how hard they were working. Director jokes about he and Smith talked about frames per second and sensor size.
8:48 - Smith talks about how important it is to be an actor. Smith is glad for the movie and that Stringer is paying him; Stringer laughs that he's hoping to be paid back.
8:50 - Detailing 3D movies coming out this year, including Ghost Rider 2 and Spider-Man in July. We get a video of sports viewing in 3D, such as golf, tennis, snowboarding, soccer (football).
8:51 - The Hawaii US Open will be shot in 3D, and highlights will come later this week on stage in 3D.
8:52 - Recapping the 3D headset and how Sony is training producers in 3D. Sony is getting a Sir Wheatstone award for its contribution. 3net and IMAX have helped produce large amounts of content. SportsNation will be available shot in 3D with Sony cams.
8:56 - sony is showing a prototype of a 55-inch OLED. CrystalLED display. Super contrast. [debunking idea that OLED TV is dead at Sony]
8:59 - Sony has its customary end-of-conference song: Kelly Clarkson. She jokes about not knowing how well her new album has sold and offers Stringer a duet. Plays an acoustic song.
9:02 - Wrapping up. Time for hands-on with devices.
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