Sony E3 2011 Keynote : June 06, 2011
7:59 - Waiting for things to get started.
8:05 - Still waiting; it's running a bit late as Sony hasn't filled all the seats.
8:13 - Getting close, but not quite there. (Sony is known for late press conferences)
8:19 - Finally getting started; showing a promo video with the NGP, Move, and more. Ratchet & Clank, Resident Evil on screen.
8:21 - Infamous 2, Madden, Twisted Metal, Battlefield 3 too. Jack Tretton on stage.
8:23 - Welcoming folks to the stage. Over 6,000 in person. "Elephant in the room" from the PSN outage. First chance to personally address it. Nothing to make editors' day more than controversy and bad news. To those: "you're welcome." To developers: we know it was costly to you. It's been inspiring your offers to help get people back. Retailers: thanks for the shelf space.
8:24 - To consumers: you're the lifeblood of our company. We want to apologize to you. We're humble and amazed at the support you continue. 90% of the activity from before the outage. Want to make sure it's both entertaining and secure.
8:25 - 120 Sony systems will be playable on the floor after the keynote.
8:26 - PS3 is supposedly the leading device for Netflix usage. Free access to CinemaNow coming soon. Part of a wider network of partners.
8:27 - Talking about games that are only possible on PS3. Uncharted 3 coming up: Naughty Dog demoing on stage.
8:29 - Raising the bar for ourselves. Set aboard a teetering ship: Drake is wobbling to keep himself steady.
8:31 - Much more pronounced lighting in this game -- also proof that it's not solely set in the desert.
8:33 - The map is flooding in real-time; Drake eventually gets pulled under but surfaces. It's a fight to stay above water.
8:34 - Demo wraps. Wanted to show a best-in-class multiplayer game too. Multiplayer beta starts June 28. Subway restaurants in October will have early access to the complete multiplayer game.
8:36 - Now a demo of the game in 3D. Drake went to the city of Uram, which is now abandoned in the desert. Questions of Drake's trust. Elena, Sully, and more are back.
8:37 - Insomniac (Ratchet, etc.) up. Showing off Resistance 3.
8:39 - 1957, and Capelli is leaving his family to make a last-ditch attempt to fight the aliens in St. Louis.
8:42 - Running with a power core in an escape mission; there's a giant alien destroying the environment. Shades of Gears of War 3 from this morning.
8:42 - Bundle: Sharpshooter add-on, Move controller, Eye camera, and the game for $150.
8:43 - God of War collection and Ico/Shadow of the Colossus bundle will be available in 3D in September.
8:47 - Two new 3D products in the PS3 portfolio. Custom Sony PS3 3D display: 24 inches. Perfect for dorm rooms, family rooms, bedroom. HD and 3D. Can be used to see two different 2D images at once [parallax] for a split-screen game. Addressing the cost of active 3D glasses: bundle of glasses, Resistance 3, the TV, and a 6ft HDMI cable will cost $499.
8:49 - NBA2K12 using the Move: you can point to players to pass to them and use a command to automatically get the best shot attempt or defense. Makes it accessible to casual gamers.
8:50 - Kobe Bryant comes up to show how accessible the game is.
8:51 - Kobe's not doing too well, but comes back with a basket. "So realistic it's frightening."
8:51 - NBA2K12 is hitting October 12.
8:55 - Medieval Moves shows fighting from a first-person view. Direct swordfighting using the Move, and also the ability to toss throwing stars or arm and fire a bow. One-for-one: what you see is what you get for moves.
8:58 - A grappling hook and precision aim help solve a puzzle. You can balance over a beam the same way you would in real life, with your arms outstretched.
9:01 - A preview of Infamous 2, launching tomorrow. Gamers in the fall will have the option of making their own missions using the Move. LittleBigPlanet 2 will also get an update to create content to use with the Move.
9:03 - Looking at Starhawk, from the makers of Warhawk. A Wild West-style sci-fi environment with anything from foot soldiers to vehicles, robots, and spaceships.
9:05 - Showing a new Sly Cooper game, Thieves in Time; his arch-villain Dmitri pretends to dress up as Sly to burgle the city.
9:07 - CCP (EVE Online) creators unveil a new game, Dust. Taking a console shooter that will unite with the MMO EVE. Will support Move, have a dedicated Home space, and extend to the NGP. One universe, one war.
9:09 - Showing how you can buy items all the way from the individual combatant level up to spaceships.
9:09 - Exclusive to PS3 with a beta at the end of the year and a release in 2012.
9:12 - Showing Bioshock Infinite. Safeguarding Elizabeth most of the time but with some very dramatic scenes where you have to get across the sky city using hooks and a rollercoaster-like system.
9:14 - Ken Levine explains how he was critical of the Move and motion games. Sony had to persuade him that they would be appealing to casual gamers AND the core base. Other ways to interact with the environment.
9:14 - Ken Levine notes that there's a pet project of Irrational's coming to the NGP.
9:15 - It's a Bioshock game.
9:15 - People who buy Bioshock Infinite will get the original game on the same disc; Blu-ray makes that possible.
9:16 - Saint's Row 3 will get Move support. New Star Trek co-op game based on the JJ Abrams movie will also get Move support and an add-on to cradle the Move based on the phaser. Playable in 3D too.
9:19 - It's an over-the-shoulder shooter that lets you play as the core members of the crew. EA next: PS3 users of the next SSX game get an exclusive recreation of Mount Fuji in Japan.
9:19 - Need for Speed: Run will get exclusive cars like the Bugatti Veyron Supersport. Battlefield 3 is getting exclusives too.
9:21 - Kaz Hirai up; compliments Tretton's tie, since few Sony people wear one. Talking about the 10-year vision Sony had for its future. PSN outage taught us about the trust and loyalty of consumers. Overwhelmed by the support of fans. Thank you.
9:22 - At the time the PSP came out in 2004, cellphones couldn't do the PlayStation experience we wanted. How do we deliver it to a wider audience? PlayStation Suite. PlayStation Certified phones and tablets [note: he's recapping here].
9:23 - Hoping people will come knocking on the door of the PS3 and NGP with the Suite leading them in.
9:26 - Moving on to the NGP. Dual cameras, dual touchpads. Helping you get connected. Introducing it as the PlayStation Vita. Getting connected like never before. Dual analog sticks, stunning 5-inch OLED. Blurring the lines. Both Wi-Fi and 3G models.
9:26 - Partnering with the "fastest" 3G network in the US: AT&T. This gets harsh reaction from the crowd. Over 20,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots, though.
9:29 - Party feature lets users voice chat live regardless of what game they're playing. Great way to stay in touch. Recapping Near: showing trophies and other nearby people based on location. More specifics in the very near future.
9:29 - Demo of Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Vita from Bend Studios.
9:32 - Bar for the experience was already high; kept here. Lots of detail, real-time lighting and shadows. Wanted to make sure people could pick up and play like they were used to, but you can use the Vita's features, like swiping and tapping in a melee fighting or touching to jump between areas.
9:34 - Things you can do on Vita that you can't do elsewhere. For example, "painting the edges" by drawing a path across bricks on a wall to climb all of them instead of one at a time. Gun combat is much like it is on the PS3.
9:37 - Talking about a social action RPG for the Vita that would interact with the PS3: Ruin. It's a Diablo-style hack and slash. Other players are your rivals: people you've never even met can be your challengers. Can help, hinder, or harm them.
9:38 - You're constantly connected, and this affects gameplay. You have to defend your lair and get rewarded for it. A PS3 version lets you pick up exactly where you left off.
9:39 - Works using cloud-based saving.
9:43 - ModNation Racers coming to the Vita; not a port of the PS3 or PSP games. Vita lets you create a custom track much faster than on the PS3. You can use touch to find the exact point you want to modify, use tilt to steer a track, and the back touchpad to fine-tune things like elevation. You can swipe to decorate landscapes.
9:45 - MNR tracks will be usable between platforms. Many Vita games will have cross-platform play. Wipeout 2048 will have online play between PS3 and Vita players. Cloud saves, online competition, and content sharing.
9:49 - LittleBigPlanet for the Vita up: it'll let you interact with the world through the touchpads, touchscreen and tilt, and you can create game worlds the same way.
9:52 - Street Fighter vs. Tekken is up: there'll be a Vita version. Cole McGrath from Infamous will be a fighter in the game. Shows a game that looks very much like a PS3 fighter.
9:52 - Won't be long before you can try it, but the PS3 version is here to try at E3.
9:56 - More than 80 titles in development, including EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, and Activision. Preview roll of upcoming Vita content, like Uncharted, Wipeout, LBP, pool games, ModNation, Ruin, Hot Shots Golf.
9:58 - It'll be available in the holiday this year. Two models: Wi-Fi and 3G. Happy to announce that the Wi-Fi will cost $249, and the 3G will cost $299. Will "revolutionize" the mobile gaming experience.
10:00 - Tretton wraps up: best entertainment solution available. With the Vita, unparalleled experience from every PlayStation product. Running a summary video of everything Sony is doing this year.
10:02 - Taiko drummers provide a live soundtrack. Now a DJ with some on-the-fly electronics.
10:03 - Looks like we're done.
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