Sony PSP2 Event : January 27, 2011
12:22 - Word is that Capcom veteran Jun Takeuchi and Konami's Hideo Kojima are at the show. They might not necessarily have new Resident Evil or Metal Gear games, but they're distinct possibilities.
12:47 - Epic also has a seat reserved, so we may see an Unreal Engine game like an Unreal Tournament, Bulletstorm or even Infinity Blade title for the PSP2.
12:56 - Almost ready. Jack Tretton is rumored to be on site, which wouldn't be surprising as he's the president of SCEA.
1:03 - As is often the case at events, running slightly late.
1:07 - The event is finally starting.
1:09 - Kaz Hirai (SCEI head) is up. He's nervous because it's been a long time since the last PlayStation Meeting.
1:10 - Sony has partnerships with Epic Games and others. Showing a clip from E3 2005 to outline the future Sony saw at the time, showing how live information could be linked with data.
1:11 - Reality becomes data; new way to view information.
1:12 - The video rolled was called "Cyber Society;" somewhat vague and clearly from awhile back.
1:13 - Hirai says Sony is proud that the PlayStation has a position in the center of the living room. We want the player to take entertainment with them.
1:15 - The PS3 has Blu-ray, HDMI, 3D and the PlayStation Network.
1:15 - PSN adds greater value to the PS3. Over 80% of users are connected. Entertainment extended beyond the living room. Over 1.4 billion downloads.
1:17 - 69 million PSN accounts as of January 25. Cross-platform, too. Portable gaming has different value. Whereever you play, it creates a new sensation as the game unfolds in your hands.
1:19 - Portable gaming has undergone a radical change since the original PSP. Nobody could have imagined it then [except perhaps Apple - ed.]. Then, you needed to carry a dedicated gaming console, but today the casual gaming experience can be accessed through a smartphone.
1:20 - We as a platform holder must address that. At the time we revealed the PSP, cellphones weren't capable of playing PSP-level games. But that has changed. The question is, how do we deliver the PlayStation experience and grow our business? It's our mission to help the content creators in this room.
1:21 - Announcing PlayStation Suite. It's our first cross-platform experience beyond the PSP border. Will make content available on Android smartphones and tablets.
1:22 - PlayStation Certified program: ensures PlayStation quality across various devices. Users have a choice among preferred hardware.
1:23 - A hardware neutral game framework designed to attract as many developers as possible.
1:26 - PlayStation Store is coming to Android devices. It'll have PS1-level games: Cool Boarders 2, Syphon Filter, Medievil and Wild Arms shown in the store, among others.
1:28 - Games will be available this calendar year on Android. Now: the next-generation portable. Interactive, truly interactive.
1:30 - So far, Next Generation Portable is the codename. Five points: 1. location-based gaming. Mini trailer showing a person accessing a glowing ball that turns into a map. Possible ranking system showed. "The power is now in your hands."
1:34 - Hirai back up to show what the experience is like: the new PSP is up. Dual analog sticks, 5-inch OLED display, 3G and GPS, front and rear touchpads, three-axis compass.
1:36 - Flash memory based, 3G and Wi-Fi. Out this holiday. Shuhei Yoshida (worldwide studios lead) up to show how the NGP works.
1:38 - Graphics are 'PS3 quality.' Like the world of game in your hands, Yoshida said. Demos of some upcoming titles being developed. (Note: there's a white version on stage).
1:40 - Hot Shots Golf, Gravity Daze, Killzone, Hustle Kings, Reality Fighters, Smart As, Broken, Little Big Planet, Little Deviants, Wipeout, Resistance, even Uncharted are coming.
1:42 - The OLED is much bigger than the 3.5 inch screens in smartphones [read: iPhone]. You can hold it at different angles and it still looks beautiful. Micro analog sticks for control. Dual Shock experience on a handheld.
1:42 - Playing Uncharted: you can use the sticks to control Nathan Drake, but you can also touch the screen to move him.
1:44 - Backside touchpad works for climbing a vine; you can also tilt the device to swing Drake.
1:45 - Pulls off a stealth kill with the touchscreen. Very much like the PS3 game in levels of detail.
1:46 - Muneki Shimeda, Sony software development now up. NGP's design is nicknamed the "super oval design."
1:51 - Yoshida plays Little Deviants: controlling characters with the back touchpad. The area is the same five inches as the screen, so it's a one-for-one map to what's happening. You can use two fingers for multi-touch input.
1:53 - Hirai talking gestures: touch, grab, trace, push or pull objects. Live area: an online interface for every game that will have info about other games and publishers in the PlayStation store. (Trophies are seen here).
1:56 - LiveArea is actually the main screen for the NGP. Communications and a live feed that shows friend info, including comments. Links to the PlayStation Store.
1:56 - The NGP is the first to connect to mobile [cellular] networks. First game portable to do so. A "near" app lets players see what games people are talking about near where you are through GPS. People can tell what you're playing on the train, for example.
2:00 - Near will also show you where you've traveled; a clip shows a person walking with an NGP in the backpack, sending its location. People can see the most popular game in an area, like in the Shibuya district in Tokyo.
2:02 - You can buy games you find through Near [note: likely a good way to get friends to play -ed.] You can find out things about games. Hirai likens it to a convergence of the real and the virtual.
2:03 - Yoshida back up to show Hot Shots Golf and how the NGP handles this kind of convergence. Looks much like the PS3 version. You move the golfer around with your finger and can change the point of view to first person if you like.
2:05 - First-person uses the compass/motion sensor to tilt the view. It's like a window to the golf course. You can even look at your feet and tee up the ball.
2:06 - The NGP has a Sixaxis-style movement. Yoshida still goes to third person and uses the X button to swing like on on regular games, though.
2:08 - PlayStation Suite games will work on the NGP -- strong hint that Android might be underneath. Hirai thinks this cross-platform support could offer new forms of entertainment. Will hopefully be able to work with developers we haven't worked with in the past, he said.
2:09 - Downloadable PSP titles will also work [maybe not Android, then -ed.]. Game developers to come on stage.
2:10 - Jun Takeuchi from Capcom is up.
2:10 - Thanks everyone for the success of Monster Hunter Portable 3 - 4 million copies sold.
2:12 - Showing off a downloadable version of Monster Hunter Portable 3 (3rd). First time Takeuchi has seen it actually running on the NGP, he said. Looks beautiful on the OLED screen.
2:13 - Takeuchi says the analog "stick feels great... you can quote me." Different from the PSP stick. It goes down further and it tilts. Good for action games.
2:15 - Capcom is using its existing MT Framework to make NGP games; here, it's called MT Mobile.
2:16 - Next demo: showing Lost Planet 2's cutscenes rendered in real-time. NGP environment is very flexible and easy to develop for.
2:17 - No new titles from Capcom here, but "before long" it will be possible.
2:18 - Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi [creator of Super Monkey Ball and Yakuza series] up.
2:19 - Nagoshi is excited about the 3G. Rolls a trailer for Yakuza in real-time on the NGP.
2:21 - Looks like a Yakuza 4 port. Very detailed.
2:21 - Everything can be ported to the NGP, he said. Did it in a very short time. Excited to be developing something new for a networked gaming experience.
2:22 - PS3 graphics shaders and other visual effects are working. [Just a tech demo, but shows the ease of bringing PS3 content over]
2:22 - Tecmo Koei's Akihiro Suzuki is up.
2:24 - It's a "great pleasure" to develop for the NGP. Shows a clip from the Musou series: you can use touch to kill multiple enemies at the same time or to attack a specific enemy.
2:25 - [Note: Musou is the Dynasty Warriors series, in Japan]
2:27 - All ideas that Tecmo Koei is experimenting with. We'll develop a title that looks and feels different than in the past. Titles could be ported, but they can be reborn on the NGP.
2:27 - Konami's Hideo Kojima is up. No announcement of a new title, but he'd like to talk about the future perspective.
2:29 - Shows a Metal Gear Solid 4 tech demo running on the NGP. As we've seen earlier, looks much like the PS3 version. Solid Snake meets MKII in this scene.
2:31 - It's the cutscene, but like most MGS4 cutscenes, it's in real-time 3D. Game uses the model data and environments from the PS3, exported directly. Same quality.
2:32 - Cloud computing is also the future, Kojima said, referring to what he mentioned when MGS: Peace Walker for PSP came out. 'I really believe that you can have a portable Metal Gear Solid, and Peace Walker was an experiment for the cloud computing future. The NGP allows this cloud computing.'
2:33 - The dream of playing home console games on a portable hasn't been realized yet, and that's something Kojima would like to do. Players could play a PS3 game at home, and take it outside on the NGP. This dream is going to come true in the near future.
2:34 - He's currently working on a new project for that dream and will present that title at E3.
2:34 - Was running at 20FPS, so not quite PS3-level speed, but close.
2:35 - Epic Games' Tim Sweeney is on stage.
2:37 - Epic Citadel demo up, but with knights roaming around and snowing. Multi-core GPU that's 4X as powerful as anything seen before. Trendy's Dungeon Defenders up: ported from PS3 to NGP in about a week.
2:39 - Of course, Dungeon Defenders (not shown below, that's Epic Citadel) is Unreal Engine based. Uses console controls for movement, but touch for interaction. Very excited and "think you'll be stunned" at what's possible.
2:39 - Philip Earl from Activision is up. Call of Duty is coming to the NGP.
2:40 - NGP will change the way people play games on the go, he said. Set the bar for the next generation of portable gaming.
2:41 - The dual analog sticks, social networking and front and back touch screens make anything possible. More details about the NGP games in the future.
2:42 - Hirai returns again; you can experience a totally new world of Call of Duty on the NGP.
2:44 - List of supporting developers: Rockstar, Q Entertainment are among those supporting the NGP.
2:45 - Hirai is bringing things to a close. Great chemistry between the PS3 and NGP. Thanks everyone for coming.
2:45 - Show ended. No Xperia Play, but that's not expected until Mobile World Congress on February 13.
5:17 -
5:27 - 3 Over 60 compatible devices, and these aren't just from companies you haven't heard of; most of them are from major companies like Sony Ericsson and HTC.
5:28 - 3 Over 60 compatible devices, and these aren't just from companies you haven't heard of; most of them are from major companies like Sony Ericsson and HTC.
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