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Samsung ultra-fast, cheap 256GB SSD due this year

Samsung 256GB SSD

Samsung late on Sunday promised what it says is a breakthrough in solid-state drives with the launch of its first 256GB SSD. The drive offers twice the capacity of the Korean firm's previous 128GB SSD but is also much faster. The 256GB edition reads sequential data at 200MB...

Intel to launch 80GB SSD by end of summer?

Intel 80GB SSD in Q3

Intel has narrowed down the launch of its self-branded solid-state drives to before the end of the summer, computer builders reportedly say. Now referred to as the High Performance SSD line, the drives are said to be shipping by the end of the third quarter as both the Client...

Ultra-wide notebooks at Dell, Apple, more?

16-9 Wide Notebooks Common

Notebooks with a 16:9 movie aspect ratio will be introduced by several major PC makers this year and should become increasingly common by the end of the year in smaller systems, says a report detailing their reported expansion. Although Acer is currently the only PC maker selling...

AT&T's 3G network better than Sprint, Verizon

AT&T 3G data network best

With the highly anticipated 3G iPhone release expected next month, a test from ComputerWorld shows AT&T's 3G data network is faster than Sprint's and Verizon's. The magazine test, published on Tuesday, summarized the 3G data networks from each cellular network provider that...

Vista sales "rapid" at 140m copies

Vista Sales at 140m

Microsoft chair Bill Gates today noted at a European news conference that sales of Windows Vista have reached 140 million copies worldwide. The update is the first since the company crossed the 100 million mark at the start of the new year, although Gates doesn't clarify when...

Microsoft: Yahoo move in "very short order"

MS Move on Yahoo Soon

Microsoft will take action on Yahoo's ultimatum rejection soon, company chief Steve Ballmer has said at a presentation for his firm's employees attended by Silicon Alley Insider. He acknowledges that Microsoft has missed its deadline for altering its strategy but adds that...

IDC: Apple, Dell growing in early 2008 PC sales

IDC on PCs Q1 2008

PC shipments in the first quarter of 2008 reveal a changing landscape both in the US and in the world at large, according to preliminary results released today by IDC. While positions remain largely the same, shifts in growth percentages reveal that some companies are gaining...

Analyst on the myths of Apple and Business

Analyst Apple myths

Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research has published an article addressing the suitability of Apple products -- the Mac and iPhone in particular -- for business purposes. Noting that Most IT departments are not deploying Macintosh systems in large numbers and those that are...

Analysts: Windows' monolith design collapsing

Gartner on Win Monolith

Microsoft may have no choice but to break up Windows into many different versions if it wants to avoid serious long-term problems with its code, according to analysis by Gartner analysts. Neil MacDonald and Michael Silver of the research group note that the operating system...

Intel Atom to sport higher speeds, 3D, HD

Intel Atom at Spring IDF

Intel at the spring version of its Intel Developer Forum today revealed more details of its Atom ultra-mobile processor line, uncovering both the full launch lineup as well as detailing the Controller Hub that forms the backbone of the Centrino Atom platform. The company had...

Dell, others cope with battery shortage

Dell and Battery Shortage

Dell and multiple other top-tier PC makers today said they were facing the extended effects of a shortage of notebook batteries. Following a fire earlier this month at an LG Chem factory, Dell has encouraged it to boost prices of additional lithium-ion battery packs in an effort...

Seagate CEO threatens SSD suit, trashes Air

Seagate on SSD Lawsuit

Seagate may pull a lawsuit as its trump card if solid-state drives (SSDs) threaten to undermine its conventional hard drive business, company head Bill Watkins has said in a new interview with Fortune. The executive alleges that both Intel and Samsung are violating patents...

Dell Latitude E4000 to chase Air, X300

Dell Latitude E4000 Detail

Dell's Latitude E4000 series will more explicitly target the same very thin, advanced technology field covered by Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo's ThinkPad X300, according to leaks continued today by Engadget. While both the E4200 and E4300 will offer thinner LED-backlit, 12-inch...

Dell's E-series notebooks to hit in June

Dell E-Series Roadmap

Dell's Latitude E-series overhaul is now due for June and will represent a sweeping change to its lineup, according to a roadmap leak supplied by Engadget. The new-look systems will ship immediately alongside the launch of Intel's Centrino 2 and use the faster, cooler processors...

Dell rebuffs claims of high SSD fail rates

Dell Rebuffs SSD Fail Rate

Dell today denied claims that its solid-state drives were experiencing unusually high failure rates. Although it had not been directly linked to the problem by the Avian Securities analysis and instead had been the implied subject only in follow-up journalist reports, the company...

SSD notebooks suffer 30% failure rates?

SSD Notebook Failure Rates

At least one major computer manufacturer is encountering an unusually high rate of failure among notebooks equipped with solid-state drives (SSDs), according to a report by analyst group Avian Securities. Declining to name the company in question, manager Avi Cohen of the...

Intel CPU leak pushes Air sequel to Sept.?

Intel Centrino 2 June Line

Despite Intel's aggressive plans to roll out its Centrino 2 mobile platform in June, the company is now set to push back processors suitable for the MacBook Air and for gaming notebooks by as much as three months, a leaked roadmap shows. Contrary to some early expectations,...

Intel plans ultra-quick 160GB SSDs in 2008

Intel SSD Plans for 2008

The very small Z-P140 solid-state drive is just a prelude to a series of much more significant announcements over the course of 2008, Intel's flash memory marketing head Troy Winslow says in a recent interview. The senior official explains that one of the chipmaker's introductions...

Apple ninth in laptop sales, shows strong growth

Apple ninth in laptops

Apple sits ninth overall in laptop sales, but also has the third highest rate of growth, according to a recent study performed by The NPD Group. According to the study, Apple had moved through 1.34 million laptops during the quarter, earning 4.1-percent market share, which is up 38-percent from the year...

ExpressCard 2.0 to bring 2-10X speed boost

ExpressCard 2.0

The PCMCIA group today outlined ExpressCard 2.0, the next major change to the removable card standard for notebooks. The format is now being reworked to take advantage of technologies that have been introduced since its initial release, including PCI Express 2.0 and USB 3.0....

Samsung sees 250GB SSDs by end of 2008

Samsung 250GB SSD Hint

Samsung may double the capacity of its Flash SSD solid-state drives twice by the end of 2008, flash memory marketing chief Michael Yang says. The Korean company has already announced a 128GB version that it now expects to ship in the third quarter (a slight delay from its earlier...

Mossberg review pits X300 vs. MacBook Air

Mossberg X300 Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad X300 does well but falls short of Apple's MacBook Air in key areas, says a new review by Walt Mossberg. Due for release on February 26th, the X300 is found by the journalist to offer more features, though it was significantly bigger, heavier, and more expensive...

Toshiba to axe HD DVD in weeks?

Toshiba Axes HD DVD Soon

Toshiba may be ready to pull the HD DVD format entirely after suffering a series of key defeats, says a claimed source of Hollywood Reporter. A tip reportedly from a person close to the HD DVD faction says Toshiba has not seen the expected surge in player sales from large-scale...

Acer finalizes buyout of Packard Bell

Acer Packard Deal Final

Acer has successfully finalized its plans to buy control of Packard Bell, according to an update provided by the former company. First begun in August, the deal will give Acer a 75 percent stake in Packard Bell, handing control of the smaller, Europe-based PC maker to the larger...

MacBook Air's CPU in Windows notebooks soon?

MB Air CPU in Windows PCs

The MacBook Air's custom-made processor should soon be licensed for use by other PC builders, say claims by PC Advisor. A contact allegedly aware of Intel's plans expects at least two unnamed computer builders to use the special Core 2 Duo in systems to be released "soon."...

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