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Microsoft minimizes tablets in 'PC-plus' era, IBM disagrees

Microsoft downplays tablets in 30-year PC history

Microsoft's Corporate Communications VP Frank Shaw in a commentary on the 30th anniversary of the original IBM PC dismissed the talk of a post-PC era. He preferred to characterize it as a "PC-plus era," since there would be an estimated 400 million PCs sold around the world...

Netflix for Android gets Droid Bionic, IdeaPad K1 support

Netflix Android supports future phones, tablets

An update to the Netflix for Android app (Android Market) has given the OS support not just for more current devices but two new ones as well. The movie streaming app should recognize the Motorola Droid Bionic when it's announced and ships. Whether or not it gets any extra...

Gartner: US Mac sales climb as competitors stumble

Most PC makers show a decline in sales

Apple has continued to achieve strong sales in the US, as one of only two companies to show positive growth from the second quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of this year, according to data collected by research firm Gartner. Mac sales in the US market were up by 8.5 percent,...

Apple nears 11% PC share in US as Acer plummets to 5th

IDC shows Apple 3rd in US as Acer falls to iPad

Apple has managed get almost 11 percent of computer market share in the US, IDC said in a preliminary estimate on Wednesday. Mac shipments shot up nearly 15 percent year-to-year in the spring to put Apple at third place in the US with 10.7 percent...

Tablet PC component suppliers ramping up for the fall

Tablet PC production ramping up

Upstream component suppliers for tablet PCs are making preparations to ramp up tablet production for the fall quarter. Combined demand for tablet PCs and iPads is expected to grow significantly over summer shipments. Digitimes sources claim around 13.5 - 14.5 million tablets...

Samsung expects profit to drop 26% based on slow PCs, TVs

Samsung to take 26pc profit hit in spring 2011

Samsung late Wednesday warned that its profit would drop 26 percent lower than it was a year ago. The company pinned the continued shortfalls on an ongoing slump in LCDs, where poor sales of TVs and Windows PCs was weighing the company down. Early success with the Galaxy...

Samsung rumored in talks to license webOS from HP

HP in talks with Samsung, others to license webOS

HP is involved in negotiations to license its webOS software for mobile devices, CEO Leo Apotheker said in an interview. While a number of companies are interested, Samsung is one of them, three unnamed sources close to the discussions maintain, according to a Bloomberg report....

ASUS' ultrathin, $199 Eee PC X101 netbook narrowed to July

ASUS Eee PC X101 to hit in July with prices shown

ASUS' MacBook Air-inspired Eee PC X101 is now slated to get a quick launch but also possibly a processor switch, tips hinted at on Monday. The ultrathin netbook is now poised to arrive in July, just a month over it was shown. To get to the $199 price for the MeeGo version,...

Apple, Nordic join Bluetooth's board of directors

Apple and Nordic take top spots in Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group on Tuesday marked unusual additions as it brought both Apple and Nordic Semiconductor to its board of directors. The move gave the two greater control over how the short-range wireless standard works. Apple would be there to help with "platform...

IBM marks 100th anniversary

Computer pioneer IBM turns 100 years old

International Business Machines, better known by its IBM acronym, has turned 100 years old on Thursday. Back on June 16, 1911, the company was called Computing Tabulating Recording Co. and was a result of the merger of three companies that built scales, punch clocks for work...

Q1 2011 report: Apple market share up, reliability down

Apple jumps 26 percent, to 9.7 market share

RescueCom has released its first Computer Reliability Report for 2011. First quarter 2011 results showed Apple gaining market share, surging 26 percent to a 9.7 percent share -- mostly at the expense of Dell Computers. The growing popularity seems to have affected the company's...

ASUS worried Acer writeoff making chaos in PC market

ASUS CFO nervous over Acer issues

ASUS CFO David Chang on Friday commented that his company and others might face a ripple effect from Acer's European overstock writeoff. Depending on what systems had gone unsold, they could either have only a minimal effect or create shockwaves, he said. If the unsold inventory...

Analyst: iPad challengers scaling back after poor sales

JPMorgan claims iPad fighters scaling back

Tablet manufacturers are lowering their production after failing to take on the iPad 2 so far, JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz said in a new investors' note. Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Motoorla, RIM, Samsung, and Toshiba had all reportedly lowered their yearly production plans as...

Tablets taking noticeable toll on desktop, notebook sales

Acer suffers worst blow

Media tablets, primarily the iPad, are beginning to have a serious impact on the sale of regular desktop and notebook computers, says research firm IHS iSuppli. The firm reports that global PC shipments amounted to 81.3 million units in Q1 2011, a decline of 0.3 percent from...

Microsoft back-to-school promo gives free Xbox 360s with PCs

Microsoft promo gives Xbox 360 Arcade with PCs

Microsoft took its own turn at driving computer sales with a new promo. Anyone buying a Windows 7-based PC worth $699 or higher will get an Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB system for free without needing a rebate. Online shops for Microsoft and other PC builders will give the Xbox to...

ASUS makes just 350K Eee PCs due to iPad, 'killer' model due

ASUS Eee PC sales down to 350K, new models

ASUS has had to whittle back its Eee PC shipments after sustained impact from tablets like the iPad, tipsters said Monday evening. It moved just 350,000 netbooks in April after tablets still "significantly impacted the demand," Digitimes claimed. In response, it would shoot...

iPad estimated to have grabbed 74% of winter tablet share

Canalys says Apple tablet share 74pc in Q1 2011

Apple still held on to a commanding lead in tablets in the winter, Canalys said Thursday. Escalating competition from the Samsung Galaxy Tab didn't stop the iPad and iPad 2 from getting a combined 74 percent share, making up 4.69 million of the 6.4 million tablets that shipped...

DisplayPort, Thunderbolt gaining rapid momentum, study finds

All three major graphics vendors now on board

The DisplayPort digital display interface standard is set to become the industry standard for video and other types of connections, fuelled in part by Apple's early adoption and the consent of all major graphics-processor companies to support it, according to research provided...

AMD scores $510m profit from runaway Fusion success

AMD's strong quarter built on the back of Fusion

AMD has revealed strong first quarter results for 2011 generating $1.61 billion in gross revenue, which yielded a net income of $510 million. Much of its bump in earnings was generated by the arrival of its Fusion CPU/GPU hybrid chips. "First quarter operating results were...

Gartner sees Apple at 5th in PCs, iPad still crippling Acer

Gartner Q1 2011 has Apple 5th, Acer hurt by iPad

Gartner on Wednesday published a preliminary estimate for winter in sharp contrast to IDC's results that nonetheless shared a view that the iPad was shrinking PC sales, especially those of Acer. It saw Acer still holding on to third place in the US, but the system designer's...

IDC: Apple has blown past Acer in US market share

IDC Q1 2011 has Apple overtake Acer in PC share

Acer's refusal to acknowledge the iPad's competition before its refocus on mobile cost it dearly in the winter, IDC said in a preliminary market share breakdown on Wednesday. The Taiwan PC builder's shipments to the US dropped a steep 42.1 percent...

AMD said hiring to add Android support, no threat to iPad

AMD recruiting for Android work

A slip detailing Computex show launch plans may have given away AMD's plans to get into Android in earnest. Industry contacts claimed AMD has been recruiting engineers to write Android drivers. The move is likely the first step before offering chipsets for notebooks and more...

Intel unveils 10-core, heavy duty Xeon E7

Intel Xeon E7 packs 10 cores

Intel on Tuesday brought out the Sandy Bridge-based version of its highest-performing Xeons. The Xeon E7 series is the practical version of the Westmere-EX architecture and is intended for both servers as well as other very high performance computers. It represents one of...

NVIDIA ships Quadro 400 entry workstation-level video

NVIDIA Quadro 400 GPU made for workstations

NVIDIA on Tuesday unveiled the Quadro 400 GPU. It's made for professional designers and engineers and for programs such as Autodesk's AutoCAD and other 3D-heavy apps. It consumes 32W and is small enough to fit inside most any workstation and small form-factor system.

Google accuses China of hacking Gmail again to quash protest

Google says China attacking Gmail

Google on Sunday accused the Chinese government a second time of hacking into Gmail accounts to suppress dissent. Over the past month, Chinese customers alone have had numerous problems sending or flagging messages. Activists were allegedly the main targets, but this time...

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