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Intel teams with Arduino, offers Quark-based Galileo development board

10/03, 10:30am

Galileo compatible with Arduino shields

Intel has announced a partnership with Arduino to build new open-source hardware for the do-it-yourself development platform. As part of the collaboration agreement, the chip maker has introduced a new board, Galileo, that is powered by the company's new Quark SoC and compatible with Arduino shield modules.


EZ-Robot offers modular robot system for hobbyists

12/12, 9:10pm

Robot takes advantage of several sensors

Canadian startup EZ-Robot currently offers a range of modular components that enable hobbyists to build or upgrade robots. The "personal robotics" products include hardware and software geared for programmers, non-programmers, Arduino users, iRobot Roomba owners, prototype builders and educational users.


Arduino 1.0 spec goes live for hackable devices

12/01, 4:50am

Arduino completes version 1 of new OS platform

The team at Arduino have announced the release of the Arduino 1.0 specification for the its programming language and programming environment. The open-source software platform for hackable hardware devices now has a new file extension, toolbar icons, and color scheme. A progress bar for compilation and upload has also been added.


Hobbyists use Siri and Arduino to pour beer on voice command

10/21, 5:45pm

System uses text-to-Tweet commands

Hobbyists at advertising agency Redpepper have demonstrated a way for Apple's Siri technology to be used for interactions in the physical world. The beer-pouring robot, known as Beeri, is actually an RC truck that has been outfitted with an Arduino Uno board and a Wi-Fi radio.


Microsoft intros Arduino-like .NET Gadgeteer platform

08/03, 11:40pm

System uses modular hardware, .NET framework

Microsoft has quietly introduced an open-source platform, .NET Gadgeteer, that appears to mimic Arduino. The toolkit enables users to build small electronic devices and prototypes using modular hardware, with coding via the .NET framework and Visual Studio or Visual C# Express.


Adapter brings Arduino support for iOS devices

07/18, 10:15pm

Serial adapter for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Redpark has introduced a new adapter cable that enables iOS devices to work with Arduino microcontroller boards. The cable is currently sold by DIY magazine Make as part of the Redpark Breakout Pack, which also includes the Arduino board, an RS232-to-TTL serial adapter, and a Mintronics Survival Pack with additional components and sensors.


Arduino ships Mega ADK board with USB interface for Android

07/15, 6:50pm

Board charges USB devices

Arduino has announced that it is now shipping the Mega ADK, a microcontroller board designed to work with Google's accessory development kit (ADK) for Android-based devices. The board is based on the Mega 2560, but with a USB host interface that enables it to communicate directly with, and even charge, an Android smartphone or other device.


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