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Union Square Apple Store in San Francisco gets final approval

03/12, 9:39am

Long-delayed outlet ready to begin construction

Following preliminary approval last month, Apple has received final approval to build its upcoming Union Square store from the San Francisco Planning Commission and the city's Board of Supervisors. "We are thrilled that the city of San Francisco has given its final approval to begin work on our new store and public plaza, which will make a wonderful addition to Union Square and create hundreds of local jobs," says Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette. "Our Stockton Street store has been incredibly popular, welcoming over 13 million customers since it opened nine years ago, and we look forward to making a new home on Union Square."


Follow-up: Cook meets Netanyahu for lunch at Apple HQ

03/06, 11:55pm

Short video clip made available by Israeli PM's office

As reported previously, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Wednesday with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple headquarters as part of a California-driven initiative to strengthen commercial ties between the state and Israel. In a short video posted to the prime minister's official YouTube channel, Netanyahu can be seen touring Apple's headquarters and posing with Cook ahead of a lunch meeting.


Israeli PM Netanyahu to meet Apple CEO Cook, WhatsApp execs

03/05, 7:00pm

Tour of Silicon Valley part of California-Israel technology partnership deal

On Wednesday, visiting head of state Benjamin Netanyahu -- the prime minister of Israel -- met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and the founders of Facebook's recently-acquired WhatsApp as part of a tour of Silicon Valley, part of a state government initiative to forge stronger trade and business relationships between California and Israel. According to reports, Netanyahu had lunch with Cook at Apple's Cupertino headquarters.


Aerial photo shows demolition well underway at Apple Campus 2 site

02/19, 12:28pm

Complex still not due to be finished until 2016

Crews contracted by Apple have already demolished a good deal of the structures at the site of the company's future Campus 2 complex in Cupertino, an aerial photo reveals. The photo (below) was taken by Ron Cervi, a news and traffic reporter with KCBS. The demolition process began in November of last year.


MLB completes outfitting two stadiums with iBeacon technology

02/14, 1:06pm

Los Angeles, San Diego first non-test deployments

Major League Baseball has completed its first post-test iBeacon deployments at two stadiums, according to an announcement. 65 iBeacons have been put in place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and Petco Park, the home of the San Diego Padres. The league says that plans are underway to have over 20 parks outfitted by Opening Day; the main reason for the initial two stadiums is that the Padres are hosting the Dodgers on March 30th.


Bill would make antitheft tech mandatory on smartphones in California

02/07, 3:46pm

San Francisco hotbed of phone theft

Democratic State Senator Mark Leno of California has introduced a bill that would require any smartphone or tablet sold in the state to include some form of "kill switch" antitheft technology, says the New York Times. The bill is being sponsored by San Francisco district attorney George Gascón, who along with the attorney general for New York has been pressuring cellphone makers to add the technology for some time. Under the proposed law, any unprotected mobile device sold in California on or after January 1st 2015 would net the vendor a fine up to $2,500 per unit.


Contractors build life-sized mockup for Apple's future Campus 2

01/27, 2:35pm

Structure used to test look, methods, tolerances

Contractors have assembled a life-sized section mockup for Apple's upcoming Campus 2 complex in Cupertino, reports say. The structure can be seen at a parking lot at Tantau Avenue between Pruneridge and Vallco, just a short distance from the Campus 2 site. Submitted permit documents indicate that the mockup measures 9,000 square feet, and is meant to "test construction methods, tolerances and the visual appearance of precast concrete elements."


Driver fights Google Glass traffic ticket in California court

01/16, 6:31pm

Police cite visible-monitor law

A California driver is reportedly set for one of the first legal skirmishes over the use of Google Glass while driving. After being pulled over for traveling 80mph in a 65mph zone on Interstate 15 near San Diego, Cecilia Abadie received a second citation for "driving with a monitor visible" due to the electronic eyewear.


LA Unified School District to expand iPad program to 38 more campuses

01/15, 3:02pm

Controversial program to grow by $115 million

The Los Angeles Board of Education has announced plans to expand its distribution of iPads to 38 more campuses before state testing begins this spring, according to the Los Angeles Times. The tablets will be given to students, teachers, and administrative staff; the Unified School District is also set to equip seven high schools with laptops.


Police arrest suspect in copper theft at Apple's Campus 2 site

12/03, 10:44am

Helicopter, K-9 unit brought in for high-profile location

Over the weekend, police for Santa Clara County arrested a man accused of trying to steal copper wire from Apple's future Campus 2 building in Cupertino, reports say. Around 9:30PM on Saturday, Apple security asked police to investigate a burglary in progress, having discovered that a gate to fenced-off ground had been opened. Not knowing the extent of the situation, the police called in both a helicopter and a K-9 unit, who found a hiding 56-year-old Belmont man, Glenn Cartwright.


Time Warner to double Ultimate Internet speeds in LA, NYC, Hawaii

10/31, 10:34am

ISP looking to reverse

Time Warner Cable is planning to double the Internet speeds of its Ultimate 50 customers, but only in a handful of cities, according to an announcement. First up is Los Angeles, which should shortly see speeds reach up to 100Mbps. By the end of the year, New York City and cities in Hawaii will get the upgrade.


Los Altos designates former Steve Jobs home as 'historic resource'

10/29, 12:50pm

Site represents origin of first Apple computers

The one-time Los Altos home of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, 2066 Crist Drive, has been designated a "historic resource" by the Los Altos Historical Commission. The group has voted unanimously in favor of an initiative to protect the space, which the Commission itself has been pursuing for about two years. As a consequence of this week's decision, Patricia Jobs -- Steve's sister, and the current owner of the home -- will be subject to extra review requirements if she chooses to make renovations. The Commission will also be able to make recommendations to City Council about any proposals.


Los Angeles USD iPad program vastly over budget, report says

10/25, 10:42am

School district has yet to meet order threshold for promised discount

The Los Angeles Unified School District is running well over budget in its plan to equip 47 schools with iPads, the Los Angeles Times reports. The program was originally budgeted for $50 million, but this was based on an early iPad pricing estimate putting each tablet at $650; in all $20.3 million was budgeted for iPads, the rest going to needed training and infrastructure. When the program was formally announced this summer iPad pricing had already crept up to $678, and budget disclosures now reveal that the District is actually paying about $770 per device, adding another $4 million to the program's cost.


Man sues Apple CEO Tim Cook over automatic iOS 7 update

10/18, 4:46pm

Case pursued through small claims court

A California man, Mark Menacher, has filed a small-claims lawsuit against Apple CEO Tim Cook over an automatic update to iOS 7. The case is being handled through the San Diego County branch of California's Superior Court, and asks for a method to remove update files plus $50 in compensation. Automatic over-the-air downloads of iOS updates became an option with iOS 6; although people must give permission for an update to install, the associated file can't be removed if a person chooses to back out, consuming 1GB or more of free space.


Cupertino planning commission greenlights Apple 'spaceship' campus

10/03, 1:13pm

Final go-ahead dependent on City Council vote

Cupertino's planning commission has voted to approve Apple's future "spaceship" campus, officially known as Campus 2. The vote took place on Wednesday, following a Tuesday night "shared study session" with public participation. Final approval is only waiting for a vote by the Cupertino City Council, which is expected to take place October 15th.


Deal for San Francisco Apple Store building estimated at $50M

09/25, 1:18pm

Apple relocating to Post and Stockton

A New York real estate firm, Ashkenazy, is paying $50 million for the building housing Apple's current One Stockton Street store in San Francisco, industry sources say. The deal is believed to be worth $3,000 per square foot, well in excess of the previous record for Union Square, $2,328, set in 2008. Ashkenazy is also paying $110 million -- $2,500 per square foot -- for a building at the corner of Geary and Stockton. Prior to this week One Stockton was controlled by a German fund, Deka-Immobilien.


Jobs' childhood home under consideration for 'historic' status

09/23, 3:29pm

Garage famous as birthplace for Apple I

The Los Altos Historical Commission will soon determine whether or not the childhood home of Steve Jobs is a historical site, reports say. Today the Commission is conducting a "historic property evaluation" of the building, located at 2066 Crist Drive. Should the group give the go-ahead, the city will have to preserve the structure for future generations.


CEO Tim Cook greets iPhone buyers at new Palo Alto Apple Store

09/20, 11:32am

Shoppers find many models unavailable

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise appearance this morning at the new Palo Alto Apple Store in California, accounts say. As some 200 or more people waited in line to buy new iPhones, Cook is said to have spoken with people in line and shook their hands. Palo Alto is roughly a 15-25 minute drive from Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.


Revised plans for new SF Apple Store keep fountain intact

08/27, 12:24pm

Fountain moved slightly to accommodate new steps

Apple has presented revised plans for its upcoming Union Square Apple Store to San Francisco city officials, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The plans were submitted Monday, and mayor Ed Lee says he is "happy" that Apple was able to work with city planners to keep a popular fountain by Ruth Asawa near its current location. Apple has also added things like a glass "notch" to a wall along Stockton Street, which would otherwise have been a featureless, 80-foot-long block of steel.


City planners ask for changes to upcoming Union Square Apple Store

06/28, 4:20pm

Fountain may stay

San Francisco's city planning department has called for changes to Apple's upcoming Union Square store in a preliminary project assessment, the San Francisco Chronicle says. Apple's current proposal was sharply criticized in May, mainly for issues like an 80-foot blank wall along Stockton Street, and the expected removal of a popular fountain sculpted by Ruth Asawa. The Chronicle's coverage drew attention from SF mayor Ed Lee, who said he would re-examine Apple's plans.


Cupertino to hold Wednesday environmental impact meeting for Campus 2

06/25, 3:10pm

Public to get chance to comment on issues like deforestation

The City of Cupertino is scheduled to host a public meeting Wednesday on the environmental impact of Apple's upcoming "spaceship" campus, officially known as Campus 2. The meeting starts at 6:30PM at the Cupertino Community Hall, and will offer the public an opportunity to raise questions or argue for or against changes. People who can't attend in person will be able to watch a live stream or submit comments online.


Bitcoin Foundation attacked by California over alleged money transfers

06/24, 6:20am

Complaint to cease and desist money transfers sent to Bitcoin support organization

The California Department of Financial Institutions has attacked the Bitcoin virtual currency, by sending a cease and desist letter to the Bitcoin Foundation. The group, which serves to standardize, support, and promote the Bitcoin protocol, was sent the order to stop late last month due to alleged monetary transmissions without proper licensing.


Apple wins $30M iPad contract with LA Unified School District

06/19, 1:43pm

Every student to have access to an iPad

Apple has won a $30 million contract to provide iPads to every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the LA Times reports. The Board of Education voted 6-0 in favor after hearing senior staff claim that the iPad was both the best and least expensive option for meeting the District's specifications. The tablet "received the highest scoring by the students and the teachers," according to Deputy Superintendent Jaime Aquino. The vote authorizes deployment at 47 campuses; since Apple is the only authorized vendor though, the District will end up paying hundreds of millions to Apple over the course of two years.


Apple report talks economic impact of 'spaceship' campus

06/04, 1:26pm

Touts benefits of Apple business, needed construction work

Apple has published a new report on the expected economic impact of its upcoming "spaceship" campus, known formally as Campus 2. The 64-page document (PDF) was assembled by Keyser Marston Associates for the City of Cupertino. It touts the benefits of Apple operations to the cities of Cupertino, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale, as well as Santa Clara County. "With net annual sales in excess of $156 billion, 16,000 employees currently based in the Cupertino area, and annual purchases from local Silicon Valley-based businesses of $4.6 billion, Apple is a cornerstone of the Silicon Valley economy and of the fiscal resources of the City of Cupertino," one part of the report reads.


San Francisco mayor to re-examine plans for Union Square Apple Store

05/30, 11:03am

Popular fountain would be removed under current Apple plans

San Francisco mayor Ed Lee says he will take a look at Apple's plans to build a new store at Union Square, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Earlier this week the paper aired criticisms about Apple's proposal, which would include the presence of a long, blank wall along Stockton Street, and the removal of a popular fountain. Prior to the Chronicle's story, city politicians had expressed their support for the store.


iOS 6 Flyover coverage expands to more of California

05/23, 9:18pm

Apple continues coverage push

Apple has expanded its 3D Flyover coverage in iOS 6 Maps to more of California, AppleInsider notes. Flyover has long been available for cities like San Francisco, but now covers areas such as Anaheim, San Bernardino, Santa Monica, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and Moreno Valley. Some significant pieces of scenery include Disneyland and the Santa Monica pier.


New report details SFPD approach to fighting iPhone thefts

04/29, 12:30pm

San Francisco pursues 'fear and distrust' strategy

The San Francisco Police Department is pursuing a "fear and distrust" strategy in an attempt to wreck the city's black market for mobile devices, particularly iPhones, the Huffington Post writes. Sting operations are targeting both the buyers and sellers of stolen devices, the idea being to deter people from going the illegal route. The SFPD has reportedly had help from Apple, which loaned a collection of iPhones that were then sold by undercover police officers.


California Internet provider deploys white space service

04/19, 2:59pm

Hopes to connect rural locations with unused TV spectrum

An Internet service provider based in California is offering residents connections using white spaces. is using unallocated spectrum, left over after the transition from analog to digital television in 2009, to allow rural customers in areas without 4G LTE and land-based connections a wireless Internet connection.


Budget for Apple 'spaceship' campus rockets to $5 billion

04/04, 10:30am

Project may exceed cost of new World Trade Center

The budget for Apple's upcoming "spaceship" campus in Cupertino has ballooned by $2 billion to a massive $5 billion, say five Bloomberg sources described as close to the project. Architectural firm Foster + Partners is reportedly looking to slash $1 billion from that budget, but that could still make the new campus more expensive than the new World Trade Center in New York City, which is expected to cost $3.9 billion. The attempt at cost-cutting is said to be behind the delay of the campus' opening until mid-2016.


California ''Right to Know'' bill demands access for personal data

04/02, 9:05pm

Companies could be forced to hand over data

The California State Assembly is set to consider a new bill, the "Right to Know Act of 2013," that may force companies to disclose personal data. Supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, the proposal (PDF) would require companies to provide copies of all data collected on its customers, including a list of third parties with which the personal data has been shared.


San Francisco DA claims next two iPhone designs preceded Tim Cook

04/01, 4:05pm

Details still undisclosed

The designs for the next two generations of iPhone have already been developed, claims the district attorney for San Francisco, George Gascón. Unusually, in an interview about smartphone and tablet thefts, Gascón claims to have been personally informed about the future hardware by an Apple government liaison, Michael Foulkes. Their designs "preceded Tim Cook [becoming CEO]," Gascón says, while arguing that he would eventually like to see a killswitch technology that could disable a mobile device after it's reported stolen. Many devices can already be remotely wiped, including the iPhone, but all this does is remove any personal information or content.


Facebook gets OK to build second campus from Menlo Park

03/30, 7:51pm

Authorities accept building design from Frank Gehry

Facebook has received permission to build a second campus designed by Frank Gehry near its existing location. Authorities of Menlo Park have permitted the new build, a 22-acre site west of Bayfront Expressway in California, and will include a rooftop park and an underground tunnel to connect the two campuses as part of the design.


Apple challenges Defense of Marriage Act in new statement

02/28, 3:42pm

Says workers can't be treated equally with law in place

The US Defense of Marriage Act "hurts legally married same-sex couples and prevents companies from treating all employees as equals," Apple spokesman Steve Dowling tells AllThingsD. "Apple strongly supports marriage equality and we hope the Supreme Court will declare the law unconstitutional." The quote comes in response to questions about Apple's participation in legal measures against DoMA and California's Proposition 8.


Apple among 60 major companies backing gay marriage

02/26, 7:58pm

Corporate amicus curae brief filed with Supreme Court

Apple is joining with at least 60 other large corporations in submitting a filing to the Supreme Court in support of extending marriage rights to gay people and against California's Proposition 8, continuing the iPhone maker's long record of supporting equal rights for homosexual couples. Other "friend of the court" filings are coming from diverse sources, including one that includes over 75 well-known Republican leaders -- including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, among others.


Apple, other vendors win credit payment privacy lawsuit

02/04, 2:54pm

Companies can require addresses, phone numbers in California

Apple and other online retailers aren't breaking state law by requiring people to submit their address and phone number when making credit card payments, the California Supreme Court has ruled. The decision at least temporarily ends a proposed class action brought by David Krescent, who charged that Apple should not be able to require the extra information for iTunes purchases. Reuters reports that eBay and Walmart submitted briefs in support of Apple.


Details emerge on new Berlin, San Francisco Apple Stores

01/29, 11:36am

Fourth SF outlet pegged for Castro Street

New information has emerged on anticipated Apple Stores in Berlin and San Francisco. Bloomberg sources indicate that as expected, Apple is planning to open up its first Berlin location in a former movie theater at Kurfürstendamm 26. Kurfürstendamm is one of the main shopping streets in Berlin, and the theater in question is across from a Hard Rock Cafe. The location was originally tipped over a year ago, and job listings began appearing in March. MacNN can confirm that Apple has already started hiring people for the store.


AT&T buys $1.9 billion in 700MHz B spectrum from Verizon

01/25, 12:42pm

Should allow AT&T to make significant LTE expansions

AT&T has bought $1.9 billion in 700 MHz B spectrum from Verizon Wireless, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. AT&T says that the licenses should cover over 42 million people in 18 states: California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming. As a part of the deal, it will also get AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum in five of those markets.


Oregon, New York may be competing for Apple chip factory

12/19, 10:58am

Sites in Texas, California also allegedly under consideration

The states of Oregon and New York may be competing for a chip factory under consideration by an Apple supplier, says The Oregonian. Oregon's economic development agency, Business Oregon, says it is trying to recruit a company operating under the codename "Azalea." A non-disclosure agreement is preventing any more details from emerging, though a similar project --tagged with a "Project Azalea" codename -- is being pursued in New York state.


Apple expands office space in Cupertino and Santa Clara

11/13, 1:26pm

Leases could be stopgap until 'spaceship' campus is finished

Apple is again expanding its California office space, according to the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. The company has signed leases for two buildings: one is a 57,479-square-foot office in Santa Clara, while the other is a 11,552-square-foot location in Apple's hometown of Cupertino. The Cupertino space is being subleased from a company called Roamware.


Foxconn rumored to be bringing manufacturing to US

11/08, 11:50am

Plants not expected to build Apple hardware

Foxconn is considering establishing its first manufacturing plants in the US, according to "market watchers" cited by DigiTimes. Locations in cities like Detroit and Los Angeles are currently said to be under evaluation. Foxconn is based in based in Taiwan, and does most of its manufacturing in China, exploiting the cheap labor costs there.


Shenzhen Apple Store on Nov. 3rd; new Palo Alto shop opens

10/29, 10:41am

Apple branches out of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

The first Apple Store in Shenzhen, China will launch on November 3rd, the company has announced. The Yi Tian Holiday Plaza outlet will open its doors at 9AM local time on Saturday, but typically operate between 10AM and 10PM. On Fridays and Saturdays the shop is set to stay open an extra half-hour.


Fremont drops attempt at marking first Mac factory historic

10/04, 3:19pm

Building too young to be historic, state and federal rules say

Earlier this week, the Fremont City Council halted attempts at designating the first Macintosh factory as a historic site, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The city had been hoping to use the building to promote Fremont, both in terms of history and importance to Silicon Valley. Staff recommended dropping plans, though, when it was pointed out that the factory is 30 years old, and therefore too young to meet state or federal criteria for becoming a historic site. In general, buildings can only become historic when they're at least 50 years old, says Fremont planner Kelly Diekmann.


California legalizes Google's driverless cars

09/25, 7:41pm

Governor Brown signs bill, calls it 'science fiction'

California governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed into law legislation establishing safety and performance regulations for the testing and operation of autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways. The Associated Press reports and Google confirms that the governor signed SB1298 in a ceremony at Google's Mountain View headquarters. Speaking at the bill signing, Governor Brown said the emergence of autonomous cars meant that "today we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality."


Five new Apple Stores to open in advance of iPhone 5

09/18, 11:54am

California, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy getting new shops

Apple is preparing to open five new Apple Stores this week. The first is the Rio Shopping outlet, based in Valladolid, Spain. That shop will launch at 10AM local time on Thursday, likely in anticipation of the iPhone 5's debut on Friday. Three stores elsewhere will in fact launch at 8AM on Friday, an unusually early hour reserved for iPhone rollouts.


Apple retail: Swedish store confirmed, Temecula break-in

09/06, 3:56pm

Car smashes through Temecula facade

Apple has confirmed plans to launch its first retail store in Sweden. As previously rumored, the outlet will open in Täby Centrum, a mall in the suburbs of Stockholm. The debut has been set for 10AM on September 15th; notably the Täby store will also be Apple's first in all of Scandinavia, despite the relative wealth of markets like Sweden and Norway.


Tracking of stolen iPhone leads to San Francisco chase

08/27, 8:50pm

Incident cracks smartphone theft ring

Tracking a stolen iPhone led to an elaborate chase through the streets of San Francisco earlier today, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Around 6:30 AM, two armed robbers stole an iPhone from a person on a street in the neighborhood of Ocean View. Using a GPS tracking app -- possibly Find My iPhone -- police were able to narrow the phone's location down to a place in Noe Valley. When the suspects spotted police closing in, they ran, and one of them tried to climb over a gate near St. Paul's Catholic Church.


Burglars steal over $60,000 in goods from Steve Jobs' home

08/14, 11:12am

Suspect now in custody

Thieves last month stole over $60,000 worth of "computers and personal items" from the home of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The house, on the 2100 block of Waverley Street in Palo Alto, was actually broken into on July 17th. It took until August 2nd however for police to arrest Kariem McFarlin, a 35-year-old man from Alameda. On August 7th, he was arraigned on one count of residential burglary and selling stolen property.


San Francisco to halt Mac buys in wake of EPEAT issue

07/10, 1:34pm

Could be harbinger of wider problems for Apple

San Francisco will soon stop buying Macs for the city's 50 agencies, according to Department of Environment officials speaking with the Wall Street Journal. The officials say that within the next two weeks it will send out letters to agencies explaining that Macs "no longer qualify" for city money, following Apple's request to have 39 desktops, monitors, and notebooks pulled from a list of EPEAT-certified products. Workers will still be able to buy Macs, but only through a process described as "long" and "onerous."


Apple 'spaceship' campus gets expedited environmental check

07/02, 11:56am

Gov. Brown cites Apple energy promises

The office of California Governor Jerry Brown has approved Apple's upcoming "spaceship" campus for a streamlined environmental review, says the San Jose Mercury News. While the change isn't expected to speed up the structure's construction, which will only start next year, it should allow Apple to bypass some potential headaches during the review process. With the project classified under the "leadership project" designation, any legal challenges should be fast-tracked through the court system.


San Diego school system buys almost 26,000 iPads

06/26, 9:54am

Deal will cost city $15 million

San Diego's Unified School District has bought almost 26,000 iPads from Apple to distribute to 340 classrooms this fall, says 10 News. The purchase is coming through a voter-sanctioned funding program, Proposition S, which allocates money toward modern technology in local schools. The District's deal will cost it about $15 million, although it is saving some money by opting for the $399 iPad 2, on top of which it is getting an educational discount bringing the price of each tablet down to about $370.


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